Basic knowledge of leather care
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【 a 】

A. Simple daily care can keep the handbag fresh and live longer.

1. Regularly use the skin cream of the same color system to wipe the handbag, so as to keep the skin material bright and moist, but avoid using liquid skin oil.

2. When applying the epithelium cream to the handbag, avoid applying the skin cream directly to the skin surface. First, apply it to the fur or soft fur before wiping the skin surface.

3. Always keep the handbag dry and keep it in a ventilated place.

Some easy - to - damp bags, when stored can put a little moisture-proof beads in the bag.

4, if the bags wet, should with dry cloth to the handbag on the absorption of moisture, and then put in the shade, handbags let dry naturally, don't put the wet bags directly into the sun exposure or use as you, also cannot put by air blowing, otherwise it will appear the phenomenon of blowout of leather.

5. Never wash your handbag with water or contact with chemical solution.

B. Each kind of leather has different characteristics, so different care methods and appropriate care products are needed.

1. Flannelette: wipe the dirt off the handbag surface with slightly wet flannelette, and then blow dry in the ventilated place.

2. Cowhide and sheepskin: apply high quality leather paste to the flannelette, remove the dirt on the surface of the leather, and then wipe it back and forth with soft cloth with a little force.

3. Filling skin: gently wipe the dirt with soft fur in the same direction on the surface of the skin to smooth the texture.

Also use the cleaning equipment used for producing glue and vacuum fur to remove stains, but not apply the ointment.

C. special care

1. Unsmooth zipper: apply candle or leather wax on the zipper to improve the effect.

2. Denitrification: if there is a small amount of denitrification, you can use color matching skin cream to fill the color, or gently wipe the denitrification area with white electric oil to remove the stain.

3. Metal decoration and oxidation (gold, silver, copper buckle) silver hardware button: use the thinnest size of water-abrasion sandpaper or sandabrasion rubber to gently erase the black spots, and then gently wipe with transparent skin cream.

Gold belt buckle: never use sandpaper, so as not to erase gold, can only use a bit of transparent skin cream gently wipe.

Prevention: apply a little transparent nail polish to the copper or metal buttons of your new handbag to prevent oxidation.

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