How to deal with bag wear? How to choose a sheepskin bag?
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How to deal with bag wear? How to choose a sheepskin bag?

Bag is now many young girls are particularly like the style, the design is very good-looking, most of the bag styles are very fashionable. Now let's talk about how to deal with bag wear?

How to deal with bag wear?

When you go out, it's easy for your bag to be scratched and worn. It's very distressing to have ugly scratches on your bag. You might as well try the following methods to remove the wear marks on your bag.

Materials: crayons with the same color as leather bags;

Step: apply crayon to the worn part of the leather bag, and gently wipe it to let the wax penetrate into the leather. After a while, the wear marks on the leather bag can be removed. In addition, if there is a scratch on the surface of the suitcase, a piece of yellow wax can be used to gently smear on the scratch to cover the mark with yellow wax; Then use a smooth bamboo piece to rub back and forth at the mark with yellow wax to make the leather surface shine again until it feels smooth. Then wipe it with a slightly wet soft cloth to eliminate the scratch.

How to choose a sheepskin bag?

A. Sheepskin leather: it contains a lot of fat in the cortex, the fiber tissue of leather is loose, very soft, the grain is fine, the extensibility is large, but it is not strong.

B. Goat leather: less fat content in the cortex, fuller fiber tissue than sheep leather, solid and durable.

The difference between them is that the grain of sheepskin leather is fine and smooth; Goat leather has clear pores and elasticity. No matter which kind of sheepskin leather products are made of clothing with beautiful patterns, soft and natural luster, light and soft, full of elasticity, but the strength is not as good as cow leather and pig leather. The epidermis is located under the hair, close to the top of the dermis, and consists of epidermal cells of different shapes.

The thickness of the epidermis varies with different animals. For example, the thickness of the epidermis of cattle skin is 0.5-1.5% of the total thickness; 2-3% for sheepskin and goat skin; The percentage of pigskin was 2-5%. Dermis is located under the epidermis, between the epidermis and subcutaneous tissue, is the main part of the raw skin. Its weight or thickness accounts for more than 90% of the raw hide.