Say goodbye to black in summer and buy some rainbow bag sweet your heart
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Like the simple color system to wear and match the players do not feel that the color and their own fate. The playful ice cream color can also be light and charming, so that the whole look has an eye-catching attraction, which can't be missed.

No girl can refuse the temptation of pink. The pink bag is more like Cupid's arrow. It always targets the soft girl.

This spring and summer's big hit is the little flying butterfly. Unique shape makes it easy to be the finishing touch of simple shape, small size cute, large size personality.

Yellow is not friendly to the yellow skin, but the bright and unadorned cream yellow bag perfectly solves the embarrassment, and the little embellishment is the unexpected gentle effect.

There are three kinds of color: blue white gradient and pink gradient, which are relatively stable; the blue pink gradient with girl's heart bursting is more likely to hit girl's heart.

Both the bag style onthego and the daily n'ono are the bestselling brands in these two seasons. It's refreshing to integrate the latest color matching.

Blue, like cowboys,is a versatile color.Especially with the white collocation that kind of fresh and clean feeling,is the beautiful summer right.

This row of colorful cloud bags, not afraid of not moving, afraid to buy enough.

By far, which is popular all over the world, is no stranger to fashion elite. This just sized and versatile armpit bag helped the retro trend last year. This year, there are more color schemes.