Super practical Mother's Day gift inventory!
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In addition to the upcoming May 1st Labor Day, there is actually a very important holiday

this month, that is, Mother's Day on May 8!

You may wish to take this day to express your

gratitude and love to your mother~

As a person who likes the sense of ritual, I used to celebrate my mother, and I would

always go out of my way to send a bag or eat an expensive meal~

But I found out later that

none of this was the most important thing to my mom.

The most important thing is actually two words: companionship.

Cooking a meal for my mother, buying her a bunch of flowers, buying a new set of clothes

she likes, going for a walk in the park together, taking pictures together will all be a

good memory!

If you are not in the same city, you can also make a video call and chat with her.

Of course, after accompanying her with a carefully selected gift, especially one that can

accompany her for a long time, she will definitely be very happy!

As a bag factory, of course, it starts with the bag!

After all, my mother is also a girl, and most of them can't resist the temptation of

beautiful bags.

It is also important to send bags to mothers. It is recommended to start with elegant and

classic bags, which reflect the temperament of mothers and make them look good on their


The oatmeal tone looks gentle and soft, not particularly eye-catching, it is a very

temperamental type!

This warm gray tone is liked by many mothers, it looks very elegant, and it is not so

squeamish to use.

And this new series has a wide selection of bag styles, including organ bags, large bags,

backpacks, or messenger bags that mothers generally love.

It is a good choice to buy a more classic old flower bag for her.

Lightweight, versatile, and practical, she is always by her side. Every time she sees it,

she thinks it was given by her own child, and she is happy when she sees it.

In addition to these old-fashioned bags, I also recommend this one, the latest and


On the one hand, some mothers do not like presbyopia.

On the other hand, mothers sometimes actually care about whether the bag is full leather.

This material is light and durable, not easy to deform, and looks very new, so mothers

don't need to feel distressed when they use it every day!

At the same time, there are many ways to carry it, and the body and capacity are not too

small or too small, and it can also pass the test in terms of practicality!

The soft outline design also makes this bag look simple and atmospheric, and it does not

choose age at all. Girls of all ages are particularly lifted up.

In terms of color, I will first recommend off-white

"Mother-child bag", as a gift, the focus is on its good meaning!

The design of the big bag and the small bag is exactly like the mother and child are

connected by a bond!

One is you and the other is me. No matter how far away I am from my mother, I will always

be a caring baby with my mother~

The small bag above can also be removed and used alone. Mom can use the big one, and she

can use the small one. Going out together can create very good memories.

Mother's Day gift inventory, today I will summarize it here for you!