Oriental Aesthetics of Chinese color design
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Xiaguanghong, from cinnabar

"Sunrise in the East, full of vitality"


From female yellow

"Embrace youth, passion blooms"

Sky blue

From Shi Qing

"Deep, lofty and beautiful“

Great Wall ash

From green gold gray

"Calm and solemn, firm and steady"


From clam ash

"Pure and pure, true and beloved“

In addition, this is the first time in the history of the Olympic Games to use dynamic core graphics, combining the shape of the mountains and the great wall of Beijing Zhangjiakou competition area with the green landscape and calligraphy charm of Chinese famous paintings, forming a beautiful winter scenery with regional characteristics and Chinese charm.

One of China's top ten famous paintings

Chinese traditional colors are all derived from the five positive colors, containing the profound outlook on life and values of the ancient Chinese, blending out the ever-changing colors of thousands of miles, and transmitting the ultimate oriental aesthetics.

Some people say, "the most beautiful colors in the world are all in the Forbidden City." The red walls and the golden roof, the red lacquer pillars and the Golden Dragon...

In China, red is everywhere. Red represents festive, lively and peaceful, is the most favorite color of the Chinese nation.

Whether it's the red walls and pillars of Diao Liang Huadong, the red cap of ten li red makeup, or the red porcelain, mahogany, red candle, red envelope in daily life It's all contracted by red.

It not only has the ancient flavor of Qin and Han Dynasties, but also continues the prosperous style of Tang and Song dynasties. There are also following the brilliant context of Wei and Jin Dynasties and the unique charm of yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties.

The Chinese civilization has lasted for 5000 years. Every traditional Chinese color is engraved with a mellow history, which is engraved in every Chinese's heart. In the future, we will continue to export more beautiful Chinese color designs to let the world see the expression and confidence of oriental aesthetics.