Your bag wears "winter clothes"?
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Your bag wears "winter clothes"?

Winter's associated word

It is undoubtedly "warm"

In response to the warm winter days

Bags have also put on "winter clothes"

As the temperature plummets, some things around you seem to be getting "thicker". People change into a piece of fashionable and thick winter clothing, to catch the "warmth". And in the field of bags, the designers of major brands are also in the regular leather based on the injection of full of new ideas.

For example, by incorporating different materials such as lambswool, down, tweed and other designs, to create a full sense of winter atmosphere.

In order to match the warm winter look, a weighty bag is undoubtedly a perfect helper, the fashionable elite come in droves, will be a variety of winter bags to carry a different style, fashionable dressing guide will soon be delivered.

Star Interpretation

Some time ago, Hailey Bieber was photographed in a suit with Bottega Veneta handbags, taro purple and rose purple neighboring color with the suit fabric and plush fabric harmonious blend, in the neutral style wear also does not appear abrupt; the other side of the use of taro purple color scheme Bella Hadid, wearing a sexy black halter dress, in the goose yellow underarm bag and thick-soled strappy boots. The other side of the color scheme is Bella Hadid, who is wearing a sexy black halter dress, and is showing retro chic with the support of goose yellow underarm bag and thick-soled strappy boots.

The domestic actress, also Guo Caijie and Zhou Yutong interpretation Bottega Veneta Tanabata special JODIE bag, mini but rich texture, soft and fluffy suitable for winter.

The big cousin Liu Wen is carrying Chloe Woody wool sheepskin spelling calfskin tote bag, printed with the brand's logo ribbon highlighting the sense of sharp lines. The plush bag is paired with a white down jacket and light gray turtleneck sweater, showing the winter warmth.

Qiao Xin and Ouyang Nana both carried Tory Burch ELLA mini wool leather tote bag, its splicing design is unique and versatile, brown as the main color, white plush embellishment, highlighting the winter retro style. Qiao Xin wore a terry yarn jacket with oversized shape to set off a lazy atmosphere; Ouyang Nana was paired with a V-neck lace collar sweater, adding a touch of tenderness and sweetness.

In addition, Qi Wei wore a cape handbag Chloe Edith, you can see that the bag also changed the tassel weave design "jacket", complemented by patchwork black leather details, with a pair of black thick-heeled boots to close, interpreting the casual elegance of the posture.

Looking at the streets outside the fashion week shows, a variety of more "thick" bags are also the street photography favorites of various fashion bloggers, the winter wear the heart to carry in the bag.

Soft plush material is always full of healing power, no matter what kind of "velvet", its hotness in this year is unabated, can be described as a winter hand warming essential.

In order to create winter wear, most people think of using cream, brown, beige, etc. to create visual warmth, but break the winter palette, with the jump off color system can also bring some new ideas, but also to give a touch of freedom and unrestrained in the warmth of the modeling, is the admiration of the street Girl can try with.

The bag made of fluffy material has its own elegant properties, so choose a medium or large bag type and use part of your body to echo the color with the bag to release the advanced aura to the fullest. Because the bag capacity is large enough, the daily commute in the workplace can not be more appropriate.

In addition, down bags in recent years, the wind scraped a lot, soft and light to the touch, coupled with the fluffy shape, so that the girls love it. If you want to pursue a different, you can choose a more saturated color, with plain color wear, so that the focus on the bag, embellish the overall look.

At the same time, you can also choose a unique bag, such as a rounded tote bag, round and minimalist design gives visual chic comfort. Adding diamond quilting design can add another sense of chic style.

Fashionable at the same time

Don't forget to "bag" warm

Find a bag of your choice

One click to wake up the dull winter

Interpreting winter warmth aesthetics