Fashion and environmental protection, symbiosis or mutual exclusion?
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Fabric innovation is one of the most eye-catching environmental movements in the fashion world. Younger designers are beginning to experiment with fabrics that use sustainable, degradable , and waste-free raw materials.

The model worn on the left is a dress made of synthetic bacteria. The fabric of the scarf on the right is made from discarded arange peel.

A model is showing faux fur. Although it is considered as a substitute for animal fur, the environmental pollution caused by this artificial fabric is still not to be underestimated.

London Fashion Week completely banned the use of fur, becoming the world's first well-known fashion week to abandon animal fur.

It is reported that the British Fashion Council conducts a questionnaire survey each year on whether brand designers plan to use fur products during the Fashion Week. In 2016, there were only 25 designers who did not use fur. And this year, the number reached 250 - which laid the foundation for London Fashion Week's final decision to abandon fur.