The 5 most advanced bags for this autumn and winter
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The 5 most advanced bags for this autumn and winter.

The bag can reflect the taste of a woman, and it is also the single product that best combines practicality and decoration. The selection of the bag is a bonus item for the whole outfit.

The capacity of the bag is often the most concerned about practical women, especially working women or full-time mothers. Practical and well-dressed, commuting to work, shopping trips, and large bags can make you feel comfortable no matter where you go.

Bottega Veneta is really out of the sky in the past two years, and each one is a classic. So today I will introduce you to several bv bags, each of which has a large capacity and is very suitable for autumn.

# Bottega Veneta#


Bottega Veneta's Arco series is a particularly classic style, with a large woven design and no logo, which is very low-key. The thin double handles are full of femininity and sophistication.

Arco is divided into several sizes, Arco 75 is the largest version, tall girls are more likely to recite their aura.

The enlarged square is more modern than the classic style, which is suitable for commuting or short-term outings.

Although there is some exaggeration on the back, there is a feeling of unclear feeling. Back on the street, like a fashionable guy with a very business thing rushing to do.

The suede stitching style is more retro.

# Bottega Veneta#

Arco tote

The following bag belongs to the Arco tote version, the big weave elements are completely different from the classic BV weave style. The black design is very clever, with white stitching inside, which is full of layers.

The white one is also spliced with black, and the square outline is very similar to a briefcase. It is especially suitable for daily commuting to put documents and personal supplies.

Rosie's suede design is more suitable for autumn and winter, full of retro flavor.

Rosie not only has suede, but also a white cowhide. Before boarding the private jet, I carried two BV bags, and the other was The Shoulder Pounch.

# Bottega Veneta#

The Shoulder Pounch

This bag has been photographed many times by Rosie, showing the supermodel's love for her.


The Shoulder Pounch is an advanced version of the cloud bag. It is very suitable for people who want a concave shape and want to be fashionable. Unlike the cloud bag that can only be held in hand, the Shoulder Pounch can also straddle the shoulder.

This bag comes in three different sizes. The medium size is more suitable for Asian women, and the size is just right. Because it has a soft leather design and no frame, it has a large capacity and is not limited. You can hold it if you don't want to be an underarm bag. It has its own aura and can hold it in any shape.

There is also a trumpet that is more suitable for daily life, which is completely sufficient for commuting and shopping. Being able to control this bag well shows that you are really at the forefront of fashion.

# Bottega Veneta#


Last time, we introduced mini Jodie. This time, let’s talk about the more practical and suitable large Jodie for autumn and winter. The large Jodie belongs to the bag type of hobo, plus the classic intercciato woven elements of the BV family, never have to worry about being out of date.

The prominent kink design on the handle is very pleasing. The kink design weakens the large procrastination and becomes better to control. Small girls can also try it easily.

Although there is no big logo, you can tell from the woven design that it is a BV bag, low-key and temperamental. If you always want to buy a large bag, you can choose this jodie, choose a classic color, you can carry it all year round.

Large bags are women’s decorations and weapons, carrying different bags on different occasions, so that we can take it easy no matter where we go.

Even if we are in a dire life, we must use a right bag to carry our beautiful yearning for life.