A bright match
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This kind of geometric bag is really easy to make the overall modeling effect. The combination of black and white, and the trapezoidal  

bag on hand bring more attention.

If the size is not so large, the color selection can be bold and bright.

The handbag seems to have a kind of magic, that is, even if you wear jeans, small white shoes, such a casual collocation, leather handbag can also make look refreshing and elegant.

Black gold has always been a classic combination of bags, which can easily increase the overall aura.

Canvas handbags are relatively more casual, and wearing legging is not against the rules. Moreover, the canvas style is relatively practical, and the capacity is large enough, and it will not be so "fragile" as lambskin and other materials.

The size in hand must meet the requirement of "can be installed". And this kind of Brown is also very suitable for autumn and winter season, with the same color of the suit to wear, "female president" temperament.It is very practical choice.

People buy a bag is more used to do a decoration, practical what can be put first. Mini size handbag has been very popular for the past two years. It must be enough to be cute! And especially with the complex clothes together, but also appears to be much lighter.

Recently, straw woven bags are also very popular. With clothes, it gives people a sense of sunshine and vitality, which makes you feel like summer.

Straw woven bags can also have bright colors. The straw woven bags stitched with pink leather can not only echo with skirts, but also not as heavy as dark ones.