The most worthwhile bag in 2020, versatile and fashionable
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Today I will show you what are the most newest styles of the major ladies brands in 2020!

1. Louis Vuitton

In recent years, Louis Vuitton's bags have become more and more popular! In particular, many classic hard box designs and derived styles are most popular with ladies!

The hottest ones are all kinds of small hard boxes and small hat boxes! Both of these bags appeared on the latest Louis Vuitton catwalk.

So those who like these two bags can start with confidence, there is no danger of obsolescence in the short term. Needless to say, the small hard case has become a classic style of the new generation.

And Dauphine, which is so popular this year! This season is also on the stage.

Compared with the design of the small hard box, Dauphine is not so expensive, and belongs to the more retro and fashionable series. The new small schoolbag design is quite surprising.

2. Hermès

In the past, for ladies, Hermès is almost the most worth buying three bags: Birkin, Kelly and Constance.

The latest Hermes 2020 spring and summer, the package on the T stage is not much.

The first bag is round and bulging, with a cute little lock on the front of the bag, like a cute version of a small platinum bag!

The small body is also equipped with a large shoulder strap, and the upper back is particularly young.

Another beautiful bag is this small anchor basket!

Weaving baskets like this have been particularly popular these days, and they have a very casual French fashion sense.

This bag has a very interesting feature, that is, its all-inclusive package is composed of Hermès classic anchor buckle elements, even the bottom of the bag is in the shape of a piggy nose buckle!

3. Roger Vivier

When it comes to the favorite brands of ladies, how can you not talk about Roger Vivier!

This year's new RV Mini Bag, the shape of the small bucket is particularly cute and girly.

The handles on both sides are R and V, which is not only very recognizable, but also very innovative.

In particular, the most popular colors, such as yellow, light blue, and light pink, which are very girly colors, are out of stock soon after they are launched.

4. Moynat

To say that the leather goods world is the most playable brand, it is really Moynat!

Not only are there various innovations in the leather, but also often launch some unexpected new designs!

Moynat is still an absolute lady style this season. The two classic models Rejane and Mini Vanity not only continue the ultra-premium texture, but also welcome a new design.

Rejane, everyone's impression, has an elegant trapezoidal body. This season just turned around and turned into an inverted triangle!

The design of the upper width and the lower width, in contrast to the shape of the bag, is like a small box, with more dexterity and artistic sense.

More special is that this Rejane lock is transparent! It allows everyone to clearly see the organs inside, super powerful!

Moynat is to tell everyone how complicated the mechanical structure of a seemingly simple lady bag lock is as sophisticated as a watch!

Mini Vanity is even more powerful, ushered in a lock that can be opened by fingerprint!

Just put your finger on the square induction area and press it lightly, the cover will pop up, super cool!

In short, Moynat's bag really pushes the creation of leather goods higher and more cattle.