2019 fur trend, luxury and youthfulness
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One of the important annual activities of the BIFE Beijing International Leather and Leather Products Fair, “Fushion Night Fur Fashion Night”, as the first show of the fur industry, shows the latest trend of fur in the latest season.

On the evening of January 16th, “Fushion Night Fur Fashion Night” officially kicked off the 2019 Beijing International Leather Leather Products Fair. This “Fushion Night Fur Fashion Night” is a theme of ice and snow forest. The creativity and innovation of the designer of the brand strives to give full play to the outstanding performance of natural fur itself. They use fur quilting, weaving, and fabrics to make the fur stylish, light and breathable. The combination of fur and bright skin, tassels, metal fittings and other popular elements, even directly using the latest dyeing technology to make the otter a metallic color, making the fur more unassuming and wild. The effect of fur smudges is applied in different materials such as mink, fox, raccoon and even wool and sheep shearing to create different effects. This seems to be the feeling of flowing color, giving a refreshing effect.

Huasi Fur always adheres to the exquisite design style of “elegance, noble and intellectual”, adopts high-end raw materials, integrates high-tech crafts, hundreds of processes, precise tailoring and hand sewing. The 2019A/W series released by Wase is inspired by the poem "Ink" of the poet Wang Tao of the Yuan Dynasty: my family washes the head of the pond, and the blossoming flowers are light and ink marks. Don't exaggerate the color, just keep your breath full. The brand uses a mellow mellow color to illustrate the original design.

Yuanlong fur shows a relaxed and relaxed lifestyle that urban men and women are keen on. Sports shoes and jeans are a good partner for fur. The passionate and dyed fur forms a combination of letters, which is more individual in the shade of white otters; the combination of black, white, gray and coffee color ripples, flowing between the line and the surface; more denim fabric and fur intarsia, fur The combination and correspondence of multiple elements such as printing breaks the tradition and defines a new fashion.

The theme of this season's silver fir fur is "Forest Rhapsody": the girl who returns to the jungle never wants to be popular. Compared to the past, this season's silver fir series is more feminine, there is no stereotype of luxury fur like neon cocktails, and there is no bulky monotonous fur coat belt. The bondage that comes. On the contrary, this season's "Rhapsody in Forest" series unloads female shackles, from the flowing small pieces of fox fur to the translucent dress that can see the colorful and fresh, from the lightness of the model to the ingenuity between the pieces, the designer The collision between different cultures and different materials is the starting point. The interesting waxy triangles are mottled and staggered into the fantasy forest world, leading the audience to talk with her time in a different perspective.

On the stage of 2019 "Fushion Night Fur Fashion Night", NAFA brings you the latest fur works of Starlight International Designers who cooperated with NAFA2018/19. On the list of designers, there are Oscar de la Renta, Monse, Bibhu Mohapatra, Vladimiro Gioia, ego, Sergey Efremov, Pologeorgis, Langiotti and Antonio Didone. From the innate luxury to the radiant glow, NAFA's natural black water sparkles with eternal beauty, showing the year-old fur design innovation. Using the new advanced dyeing technology to present the classic NAFA plus / beautiful purple coat, sparkling metallic luster; and the different colors of the water splicing, the splicing of the otter and the silver fox, the splicing of the otter and other clothing fabrics, is the designer of this season. Main performance techniques. It is reported that this latest series specially designed by NAFA is the first show during the Beijing Trade Fair. The audience can feel the quality, color, texture and the latest design style brought by the designer.

The Italian NELLO SANTI brand has displayed a collection of exquisite and versatile collections, which is the perfect choice for elegant ladies to face the cold winter. NELLO SANTI is a new series of women who interpret a complete woman: she is full of charm, elegance, intelligence, courage and excitement. She is a female image that looks to the future. The color is bright and deep, and the cut is full of feminine dynamic curves, highlighting the essence of femininity. The NELLO SANTI brand exudes the exquisite craftsmanship of “Made in Italy”, which combines and displays the versatility of women. The details show the feminine elegance. Beauty is the supreme queen of the series, which emphasizes the inner qualities of women and displays a three-dimensional female image. The use of classics and popular colors portrays the feminine spirit of life and music.

“Fushion Night Fur Fashion Night” not only delivers the latest fashion and innovation, but also builds a multi-dimensional communication space for the industry's large-scale cooperation, bringing more cooperation possibilities for the development of the global fur industry, and also allowing Chinese fur and fur. The concept of design goes abroad and opens up more new markets