Reveal fashionable girls' favorite literary style bags!
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Reveal fashionable girls' favorite literary style bags!

I don't know if everyone who loves to watch the street shot is the same as me.I can always

get some good-looking and eye-catching street photos, which makes people admire:

The protagonists of this type of street shooting usually have a very prominent

temperament, inadvertently convey a casual mood, and the overallity is very strong.

It gives people a particularly fashionable look, and it is also fashionable and relaxed and

not deliberate!

In fact, I think those bags full of literary style are very suitable!

This type of bag is also one of the favorite bag styles of current fashion girls. All of

them are particularly photogenic, which is a great tool to enhance the atmosphere of the style.

Recently, I have also flipped through a lot of street shots, and I have summed up some of

the literary style bags that can fill the atmosphere~

If you are interested and want to have the opportunity to get an atmosphere photo, please

read this article!

When it comes to the bag that can increase the atmosphere of street shooting, the first

thing that comes to my mind is Bottega Veneta!

there are too many good-looking street shots and pictures of BV in the past two years!

As for the various items of BV, it has gradually become a symbol of fashion and good taste

Especially the cloud bag The Pouch, almost every girl who loves fashion has one.

Delicate leather, casual folds, and a lazy bag shape make the bag look like a light cloud,

soft yet cool, which is really exciting!

The reason why this bag is so popular is because no matter how you take it, it is very


In particular, it can create a casual high-level atmosphere, which is very attractive and


The bag itself is also of excellent texture, and it is particularly photogenic no matter

how you take it!

However, for many Asian girls, although they like the design of The Pouch, they still feel

that the bag behind the upper body is a bit bigger.

BV recently launched a brand new size - Teen Pouch!

The new size not only maintains the lazy silhouette and fashion sense of the cloud bag

itself, but also reduces the size reasonably, which is relatively more manageable.

If you want to start with a more niche and more practical style, you might as well take a look at BV Arco!

It is really a treasured bag. Although it has never been the hottest one, it is very

smooth and has the ability to continuously make people fall in love with it.

The larger and wider Intrecciato weave design not only injects the brand soul into the

bag, but also looks more modern than the classic weave bag.

I have to say, the effect of this bag on the upper body is really charming~

It not only improves the texture of the whole Look, but also renders a fashionable,

avant-garde, and somewhat cool atmosphere.

It's easy to show off your unique taste.

The Lanvin Pencil Bag to be mentioned next is also a bag that can enhance the atmosphere

of street shooting~

The sturdy and long box body, the delicate and smooth leather texture, and a shiny Logo

buckle make it a high-end and literary appearance, which is really beautiful!

Whether it is carried by hand or on the shoulder, it can very well render a strong retro

literary atmosphere, with a ladylike temperament.

This bag really has a great vibe! The hollow locks in gold and silver colors are very

story-telling. They are matched on the shiny black leather. How to look and how exquisite!

At the same time, the smaller Pencil Bag is more suitable for daily use than before, and

the size is more suitable for Chinese girls who like small bags.

The upper body not only has the right sense of presence, but also gives people a very

delicate and pretty feeling.

I believe that many fashionable girls who love literary style bags have reserved a place

for Chanel 31 in their hearts.

As a replica bag, the nostalgic temperament of Chanel 31 can be said to be innate, and the

more it tastes, the more it tastes, and the more it looks, the more attractive it is!

In addition to Chanel 31, those real Chanel Vintage Bags also have the ability to paint a


The not so full rhombus pattern is matched with rich 24K gold-plated metal parts,

which looks nostalgic and has a touch of gorgeousness.

Although Paco Rabanne's bags are in the minds of many people, they are exclusive to cool girls.

But in addition to cool girls, in fact, many fashionable girls who wear literary and

artistic routes also prefer this brand.

Especially the most classic Iconic 1969 series, the body of the bag is made of all-metal

armor pieces in series, which not only looks like a strong sense of structure, but also is

particularly shiny and eye-catching.

The reason why this bag is also welcomed by literary

and artistic people is because if it is matched well, the bag will become a jewelry-like

existence in the entire Look, creating highlights and injecting aura into the body.

It's very shiny, but not "cheap" at all, but full of attitude and luxury!

Not only does it

give people the impression of being very good at wearing and buying, but it can also

portray a beautiful and novel atmosphere.

It means that in addition to leather or canvas bags, a bag with a combination of rigidity

and softness like this can also be a "literary bag"!

It can be regarded as giving a new

understanding of literary style bags~

Okay, that's all for today. Do you like this sharing?

In fact, it is not as difficult as

imagined to create a street photography with a strong sense of atmosphere.

The most

important thing is to choose the most suitable clothes for your style, and then you will

be confident and stride forward!