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No matter how careful you are with the bag, you will occasionally encounter some

"unexpected" situations in our daily life.

It is very common to accidentally leave scratches and imprints on the bag, and even more

serious, it may be sprinkled with bubble tea, soup... No matter what it is, for people who

like bags,

it's so heartbreaking!

We have collected some of stories about "the day of the death bag", the purpose is to avoid

a similar experience from happening again!

Let's take a look at the "history of blood and tears" that everybody has had a bag of death.


This bag was really "soaked" for the first time used, the water bottle was not tightened, and half a bottle of water was turned inside!

It took me half an hour to find out how it got wet when I took out my wallet, and the skin was soaked soft at the time, leaving a deep mark.I was so shocked .


This bag ,was gave by my father ,i used it nearly two months.

One day ,however,I didn’t pay attention to it on the sofa,The bag was under my blanket and I sat on it all afternoon!


When I bought it back used at thired time. It happened to be heavy rain in Shanghai that day, Unfortunatelt,I felt from the 6 steps to 1 steps .I fell badly... my hands and knees are worn out! The pants are also worn out, and of course the bag is also injured...

Although it was repaired later, it was very uncomfortable to recall, and I have never memorized it again.


My car was blocked that morning and I was in a hurry to go out. So I hurriedly swept a small yellow car with the maximum horsepower along the way.

The place was a bit rush when turning, and I fell, quite tragically!

I got up and found that my hands and legs were torn. Although it was a skin injury, I had a super thick blood scab, which took almost a month to complete.

The saddest thing is that the bag is also broken, and I don’t know how to deal with it. This is my favorite breast bag at the moment, and it’s now being put away.


The very nice windbreaker gray and midnight blue bag are rubbed off by the leather jacket. I don't know what I thought, I even used cleansing oil to wipe it off! !

As soon as I sprinkled the cleansing oil, I instantly regained my sanity and felt a little uneasy. I tried my best to scrub with soapy water and detergent, but I was already unable to recover.

Although the color on the leather coat is gone, it leaves a permanent grease stain...

I can feel it through the screen, everyone’s heartbreak at that moment 💔...

You can also take a look at the daily maintenance and care suggestions for bags of different materials. I hope everyone’s beloved bag has always been in memory

The most beautiful look!