Chanel's going up again? Who are you picking
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The classic Chanel Gabrielle stray bag, boy, 11.12 and 2.55 are all within the scope of price increase. For example, Chanel classic flap and 2.55 medium rose to 42600 yuan in November last year from 38100 yuan in May last year, and 48900 yuan in May this year. After the price increase in November, it reached 51500 yuan.

Chanel classic flap and 2.55, which broke the 50000 mark, made many bag slaves unable to sit still. What is the concept of 50000 +? Beijing limited competition room is 50000 + per square meter, and the salary of a salaried worker for half a year... So 50000 is really not a small amount, which makes people sigh that this bag is no longer owned by ordinary people!In just one and a half years, the net price of the two classic bags increased by 13400 yuan, up 35%. In the face of this high rise, Chanel classic handbag has become an alternative financial product. Buying houses, gold and stocks are not as good as buying bags! I have to say that the students who had this bag before really made money!

This bag was launched by Ms. Chanel in February 1955 and is also named 2.55.

It was not until 2005, in order to celebrate Chanel's 50th birthday, Lao Foye launched the first generation of reprint reissue, which corrected the name of the 2.55 chanel bag. The redesigned 2.55 is called reissued Chanel, and chanel 2.55 actually has a lot to say.

First of all, the 2.55 rectangular buckle is named "Mademoiselle lock", which means "Miss lock". It represents that Ms. Chanel has not married all her life, so she is called Miss Coco Chanel all her  life.

The unique double chain of the bag is because Coco Chanel grew up in the orphanage when he was a child. At that time, the guards of the orphanage tied the key to his waist with a similar chain. This is a picture that impressed coco very deeply, so she designed it on the bag.

The dark red interlayer of the bag is also the color of the uniform of the administrator in the orphanage where coco was a child.

Chanel classic flap is more friendly to young girls, which is what we often call CF. Lao Foye improved the 2.55, changed the square buckle into a double C logo, and integrated the leather into the shoulder strap, thus achieving the Chanel classic flap.

Le boy is a bag created by Buddha in 2011. The design inspiration originates from the love story between Coco Chanel and her beloved lover aurther boy Capel, so Karl Lagerfeld named it le boy.

Louis Vuitton, who took the lead in raising the price in May this year, raised the price for the second time after the price rise in March this year, with an average increase of 1000 yuan to 3000 yuan. For example, the popular LV Mini Dauphine launched in the spring and summer of 2019 rose from 22000 RMB to 23100 RMB.

The larger LV Dauphine rose to 25700 RMB

Lv's classic bag and LV neonoe bucket bag didn't increase much at that time, from 13200 RMB to 13800 RMB. But it's a very practical size. When you talk about bucket bags, you will think of LV neonoe.

After talking about Chanel, LV, we can't stop talking about Dior! In Dior's bag family, the classic Diana bag and the now popular Dior saddle. It can be said that it is expected to become a classic package among classics.

Let's talk about the Princess Diana bag. The lady Dior handbag was first launched in September 1995. When Diana, Princess of Wales, attended the "Cezanne Exhibition" sponsored by LVMH group and held at the Grand Palais palace in Paris, Bernadette. Mrs. Chirac (the wife of the former French president) presented a new Dior handbag to Princess Diana.

Dior's latest design immediately won the favor of Princess Diana, and then she ordered all versions.

In 1996, in order to pay tribute to Princess Diana, with her own consent, the handbag was renamed "Lady Dior" after her name.

In the face of these classic packages with frequent price increases, how many online packages can you accept?