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I always like to read everyone's comment .Not long ago, I received a very interesting private message from a fan.

He sent me a car, saying that he just bought it, and wanted me to recommend him a bag that can be matched his car.

To be honest, I have never seen such a problem before!

His car is a bright yellow double-door BMW. I had a picture in my mind at the time: driving a car like this, paired with a

particularly cool limited edition bag, would definitely suit it!

In fact, in this type of bag, the powerful Birkin bag and Kelly bag are already commonplace.

I want a young, cool and avant-garde bag, I found that there are really many good choices in this year.

Taking this opportunity, I will simply give you a summary of those super cool bags in the bag industry! Everyone, take a look, which one will you grow grass! !

                                                                           Delvaux La Singularité

This bag has been born for more than half a century, and it is a very powerful classic bag

among bag industry.

But when it comes to which Brillant is the coolest one, you must mention La Singularité

from the Les Humeurs de Brillant series!

The large size and the all-black color scheme are

already cool! From the black body, he stretched out two hands, holding a pure black rose in

his hands.

That dark temperament full of death is really cool! !

The whole bag looks like a mysterious and chaotic night, and a charming elf emerges from

it, holding a thorny rose in both hands, wanting to seduce you to go to the night with it.

Not only that, this bag is also very famous! Taken from the "singularity" in the concept of


It represents a point that exists but does not exist, and can be infinitely large

or infinitely small.

It's completely consistent with the dark and mysterious temperament of

this bag, and it really makes people feel like they can't stop!

I have to say that La Singularité is a bag that has won both concept and design!

In fact, it

is not just a bag, it is more like a work of art, very worthy of collection!

                                               Hermès Bolide Shark

Although Hermes has a lot of bag designs that are worth collecting, but when it comes to

which is the coolest, I will think of Bolide Shark first!

The huge Bolide body is already full of aura; the exaggerated shark face on the side of the body makes this bag full of


There are countless great platinum bags, but there are not many very special Bolides.

As a relatively low-key Hermes bag, Bolide has been launched all year

This bag was born in 1923, earlier than the platinum bag came out! And Bolide is also the

first bag in history to open and close with a zipper.

In the eyes of many people who know

the bag, the people who buy Bolide at Hermès are sometimes even better than those who have

platinum bags and Kelly bags!

Not to mention the Bolide Shark, which was launched in 2016,

and the world's limited edition is only 400.

The special design makes the originally low-key Bolide suddenly become very young and full

of street feeling, but at the same time it has the kind of high-level texture of Hermès


And the best part is that Bolide was originally designed as a bag for short trips

and driving trips.

Now I use it to match the car, it really fits perfectly~

Louis Vuitton x Nigo

After the release of the Nigo special series launched by Louis Vuitton last year, it was

immediately sought after by all parties!

From the checkerboard pattern like melted chocolate

to the iconic mallard, this series has almost swept the hipster world!

Many styles are not booked in advance, or there are familiar sales, which can't be bought at all.

Last year’s explosive series was not enough. In June of this year, Louis Vuitton once

again launched the second LV² series!

Many iconic elements such as "duck", "tiger" and "red love heart" can still be found in

this series.

Not only are there bags, but the items in various categories are very exciting!

Especially this special limited edition tiger hard case! The cool body, not only has the

most popular Louis Vuitton presbyopia in recent years, but also a very special two-color


With the trendy and cute little tiger, it is really cute~

And the hard case is originally the most rooted product of Louis Vuitton. The hard case of

early Louis Vuitton was designed to facilitate the wealthy people to travel by car or


Such a cool hard case, paired with such a fried car, is a perfect pair!