Nice box bags
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Box bags are a popular trend in recent years. This kind of design with geometric shape can make bags more exquisite and fashionable.

Speaking of boxes and bags, one of the brands I think of is Moynat from France. Its design style also tends to be French classic, with line feeling as the main factor. It is the representative of the colder in the bag. How to carry it is foreign?

Mini-Vanity is well known for its design inspired by antique hard boxes, and this short handbag adds a little witticism.

In particular, the process of making this bag is also very delicate. Only two stitches and one linen thread are used. This process is called corner stitching, so that Mini Vanity's cubic design can be presented.

In addition to the pure color of Baitao, now there are pearl nail decoration and splicing of different colors, which adds a sense of art.