What bag does summer carry?
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Why bag can bring us cool and refreshing feeling, nothing more than with material, color and touch. Rattan, PVC or clear materials, macarons are more popular in summer for the same reason

1. Chanel

In fact, when Chanel released its spring/summer collection this year, we could almost predict how hot its bags would be this summer.

Chanel's classic bags have been transformed into a summer look.Classic Flap, Le Boy and Gabrielle all wore white, macaron, sequins and lasers.

Linda Tol

Liu wen, Jue also has different deduction.You can be as casual as they are, whether you cross or hold.

2. Prada

This season, Prada is also offering bags made of transparent materials in a variety of colors, including black, white, red, pale blue and sunny yellow, all available for 8,000 yuan at official boutiques online.It looks beautiful and childlike innocence, and every bag bag also intimate collocation with the same color inside the bag.

3. Gucci

Besides transparency and rattan weaving, the touch of metal always makes us feel cold.For example, Gucci this bag from the 18 spring and summer show, "GUCCY" series font inspiration from SEGA logo, presented with metallic texture gold print, decorated on smooth leather, in addition to cool but also cool feeling.

4. Dior

This year ,Dior's new spring and summer collection, whether ready-to-wear or bags, are full of mirror elements, Lady Dior and other classic bags because it took on a new look, under the sun, blingbling is very summer.

5. Céline

What kind of bag you would like to wear for summer?