Loewe Hammock Bag
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Loewe Hammock Bag

Can one bag be used as six different bags?Can a handbag achieve the dream of simple, fashionable, high street, elegant and various shapes?It is a new Hammock Baglaunched by Loewe, an old fashion house from Spain, in the spring and summer of2016.When I first looked at Hammock, I thought it was particularly cool, notonly because of its simplicity and randomness, but also because it can changeits shape at will like Transformers!

Since J. W. Anderson joined Loewe, hisstunning avant-garde design has quickly captured many young followers whopursue individuality.

His previous handbags, such as the Loewepuzzle in the spring of 2015, are known for their complexity and geometricdesign.

Once they appeared, they became the ‘ItBag ’of the year.TheHammock Bag, which was launched after Puzzle, can be called an upgraded versionof Puzzle. What's so magical about Hammock?

The biggest highlight of Hammock Bag isthat it is casual and can change the shape of the bag.Hammocktranslates to mean a hammock, and Anderson's creative inspiration is alsoderived from the image of a hammock.

The ropes on both sides of the hammock,the curvature of the bed surface, and the characteristics of being able to foldfreely were all applied to the design of the bag.

Seeing this bag, it is reminiscent oflaziness and coziness at the beach, and the urge to carry it to the beach for aholiday.Anderson wanted to use Hammock toconvey a sense of casual, wanton, free pleasure. His design concept also runsthrough Loewe's menswear design and the 2017 spring and summer campaign.

Design Director Anderson himself is acasual and handsome beautiful man like Hammock

Hammock's design is not only casual, it ismore attractive because it breaks through the boundaries of traditional bags,and uses the shape of bags that can be changed to create an extremely variablestyle. The days when a bag can only have one style, can only be used on asingle occasion, and is only suitable for female straps are outdated!

Unlike Puzzle, which uses leather to cutthe bag to show the geometric three-dimensional shape, Hammock uses the precisezipper design on the side to change the shape of the bag, and has threedifferent back methods: handle, shoulder and hand.

This makes the bag show a completelydifferent style: whether it is an elegant modern OL style, or a casual highstreet style, Hammock can hold. Hammock's neutral design and changeable shapemake it have an extremely wide audience. Regardless of men and women,regardless of age, you can find your own unique style through Hammock. IllustratorKelly Beeman drew six different recitations for Hammock.

Hammock not only has an impressive design,but also has extremely strong functionality and practicality. The deformationthrough the side zipper on the one hand enhances the sense of design andachieves the purpose of expanding the capacity.

Hammock Bag is available in small size(29x26x27 cm) and medium size (35x32x30 cm). Take the medium size as anexample. The space is large enough to hold water glasses, umbrellas, cosmeticbags, and even tablets. With the size of the Chinese girls, the trumpet may bemore suitable.

Hammock also has a particularly intimatedesign, which is equipped with a detachable small card pocket in the liner,which is convenient to put the usual items in it. The outer zipper pocket canalso hold lipstick or cards, etc.

Finally, I want to mention the handcraftedand fine leather of Hammock. Like the Puzzle, the basic Hammock bag is made offine calf leather. Loewe, which is known for soft leather, will not crease theleather even if all the belongings are stuffed in.

In addition, Hammock has a uniquehand-painted edge of Lujado craftsmanship, coupled with the carefully engravedAnagram logo, coupled with exquisite hardware accessories, perfect!

In addition to calfskin, there is only onehigh-end python skin material and suede currently on sale. I believe that inthe near future it will launch more material and more matching styles likePuzzle Bag.

Speaking of Hammock's excellent production,let us finally see how Hammock was born. The production of bags starts withdrawing. Hammock has extremely high requirements for its size, proportions anddetails. Next, the material is laser cut. After that, the designers will carry outthe process of hand-painting the edges. The seemingly simple steps require 6long and difficult processes.

Assembly: All the hardware, interiors anddetails of the handbag are hand-made by the craftsmen. Today, Loewe's craftsmenstill continue the tools used by their predecessors.

This is the Hammock bag, a handbag designedby the beautiful man designer J. W. Anderson that will never hit the bag, isunique and cool, and has both artistic sense and practicality.