Cindy Crawford's debut at Paris fashion week!
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This show is the first time that Virgil abloh, the founder and designer of the brand, released a new series since his death last year. At present, the brand has been acquired by LVMH group. The brand has no successor. The original design team continues his creative concept.

Because of the special background, many top guests and models were invited to the show. Even Rihanna, who was eight months pregnant, appeared on the show.

The most surprising thing is that fashion supermodel Cindy Crawford (Cindy Crawford) also appeared at the off white show of Paris fashion week. At the age of 56, she is still bright and full of style.

Her daughter Kaia Gerber also appeared one after another, inseparable.Cindy Crawford has gained great help in the aging campaign in the modeling industry and fashion industry in recent years. She has returned to the fashion circle and frequently appeared in major fashion magazines, creating a second spring of fashion.As Qingxia in the model industry, Cindy Crawford has not made extraordinary achievements in the art field like Maggie, but she can best represent the golden age of the model industry. Any shot is the goddess style of the golden age.