The stem of instant noodles and high heels was originally referred to as similar to the foam in this bv shoe design
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The difference of creative directors will definitely greatly influence the design of the brand. Designers with different design styles and concepts can inject personal color into the brand, just as Hedi Slimane is to Celine, Alessandro Michele is to Gucci, and of course Daniel Lee is to Bottega Veneta. Interestingly, there is a new version of Bottega Veneta shoes recently, which looks like "instant noodles" by reviews.

The biggest highlight of Bottega Veneta 2020 pre fall series is that the brand transfers the classic weaving process to accessories, shoes and even clothing, and brings over sized, fluffy, metal chains and other elements into the handbag design. However, the most noticeable one is the beige woven shoes, which make many people say that they are very similar to instant noodles in appearance and make the outside world curious Can this design become the fashion trend of Ming Dynasty.