What kind of bag are the City Girls carrying today?
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What kind of bag are the City Girls carrying today?

It is said that "men love shoes, girls love bags", today girls do not have a big-name bag, just like boys do not have a pair of co-branded shoes, there is no face when going out.

But when you open the daily miscellaneous such as "FUDGE" and "CLUÉL", you can hardly see the big-name bags such as Gucci, Chanel, and LV. Let's talk about it today. What kind of bags are these City Girls who don’t carry big luxury goods?

What kind of girl is City Girls?

When it comes to City Girls, I have to mention the City Boy, which was brought on fire by "POPEYE". In fact, the earliest "POPEYE" defined City Boy: "Young men who like skiing in winter, tennis in summer, sports and life, and also popular with women."

The same goes for girls. City Girls are actually a group of "women who live positively and upwardly in the city every day, optimistic and popular with men."

From the classic "FUDGE", "CLUÉL", "mina", "GISELe" and other Japanese miscellaneous catalogs, we can easily find that City Girl will adopt some casual but girly poses, such as casual yawns, Reading the newspaper, cycling, chatting, and laughing to create a supernatural atmosphere of life.

This is also an iconic lifestyle created by City Girl.

City Girl is usually based on Boyish Stylein dressing style. Be good at using the combination of "classic + fun" to present girls' frank and cute side, simple and attractive, butalso with a little French elegance.

T-shirts, casual pants, denim jackets, sports shoes, shopping bags and other basic dailyitems that everyone has in the wardrobe are always matched by them.

The balance between femininity and masculinity is also very well grasped, such as using overalls with high heels, girly dress shirts with overalls, etc., which are interesting and harmonious.

Layered wear is also City Girl’s best matching skills. At the same time, it uses popular accessories such as silk scarves, scarves, and mirror frames for styling and embellishment. Almost every look is full of fancy.

What are the characteristics of City Girls' bags?

After understanding the dressing style of City Girls, it should be easy for everyone to understand why City Girls hardly carry luxury bags?

Mi Ye carefully read the recent issues of styling magazines, and concluded that City Girls' bags basically have the following characteristics.

#1. Simple and generous, basic and practical

Like the clothing styles they choose, City Girl's bags are generally simple and generous, but they can also highlight their temperament.

Compared with the luxury of big-name bags, the bags they carry have the dual role of practicality and embellishment.

For example, we often see all kinds of French bread, vegetables or flowers in their tote bags, which look comfortable and full of life.

#2. No obvious big logo

Like sneakers, "Lian Bao" girls have a toxic enthusiasm for "logo", but this is not worth mentioning in the eyes of City Girl.

On the contrary, they are more keen on quality and matching than logos. It is the kingly way to integrate bags and wear.

For example, this simple collocation of a slightly retro sweater + suit, a shoulder bag of the same color, is worn across the body without a logo, but it is still extraordinarily delicate.

#3. The color is mainly light neutral tones

The choice of bag color is mostly based on light neutral tones, such as common black and white gray, beige, light blue, khaki, army green, brown, and some plaid styles.

The light neutral colors look gentle and kind, and their unique simple and advanced texture has become the main force for City Girl to improve the quality of wearing.

Of course, the super-textured retro red is also one of the main colors. When the whole body is plain tones, adding a retro red bag can also demonstrate the excellent taste of City Girl.

Just like they are very good at using red sweaters and socks to embellish their shapes.

5 types of bags that City Girls like.

Next, let’s have something practical. According to the appearance rate of City Girl bags, Mi Ye concluded that City Girls bags can be roughly divided into 5 types.

#1. Canvas bag, tote bag, shopping bag

Whether in Japanese or City Girl, we can often see canvas bags, and almost every Japanese girl has one. Regardless of size and style, they are super versatile and cheap.

The canvas bag can also be divided into tote bags and shopping bags. One of their characteristics is that they are particularly "wearable", so they not only have a finishing touch on the collocation, but also give the girl at the door a special sense of security.

Don't choose style and character at all, even a simple white canvas shopping bag can also create a beautiful look.

#2. Backpack

The appearance rate of the backpack in the City Girl styling is also very high. The leather-textured backpack for daily commuting, whether it is matched with a coat or a suit, can not only add a touch of leisure, but also shows high quality.

The canvas shoulders with outdoor attributes have a variety of colors and styles. The overall design is simple and practical, meeting City Girl's needs for Boyish Style, and looks comfortable and full of tonality.

#3. Leather shoulder bag, hand bag

Leather shoulder bag, hand bag, this simple style can not be simpler also captured the heart of City Girl. They usually choose the mini size, which is small and has a texture. When wearing a wide and generous Boyish clothes, a personalized mini leather bag with a crossbody is the source of fashion.

Small handbags have become their favorite little things. You can put some small things such as lipstick and earphones that are necessary for going out. The style attributes are neutral and casual styles, and some exquisite clothes can be mixed to achieve a harmonious balance.

#4. Messenger bag, briefcase

This kind of retro messenger bag is not only practical and flexible, but also an artifact of concave shape. It can be formal or casual, with a sense of art.

Classic black and elegant wine red, Miye feels that it is still a timeless bag that can stand the baptism of time. The leather design is more mature and sexy, whether it is formal commuting or casual outings.

#5. Bamboo Basket Straw Bag

In the recent modeling of "FUDGE" and "CLUÉL", Mi Ye was also surprised to find that this kind of French-style "vegetable basket" straw woven bag also has a high upper body rate.

In fact, straw woven bags are also common items in the creation of other styles, such as the fresh and sweet pastoral style, but in City Girl, they are more elegant and atmospheric.

The neutral Boyish Style has been woven bag, lazy and comfortable, which makes people look comfortable and seductive.

In fact, in addition to bags and clothes, we should learn a positive, upward and comfortable lifestyle from City Girls’ every gesture and every gesture and smile.