Are you wondering why the bags are getting smaller and smaller now?
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Are you wondering why the bags are getting smaller and smaller now?

Before graduating from university, I always felt that the bag must be big enough to look good. The big bag not only fits but also has a special aura. At that time, I was quite repulsive of small bags, and I felt that small bags were not good-looking and I couldn't hold anything.

However, with the popularity of small bags later, I was constantly brainwashed by the editor, and now I rarely buy large bags. Small bags are ranked in the highest priority position, and now I feel that small bags are more delicate and cute, which can show your fashion attitude and increase your fashion sense.

And now the bags are getting smaller and smaller, starting with a medium size, and the basic necessary things can still be installed.

Later it became smaller, but some tissues, mobile phones, wallets, etc. are still okay.

Then the designers can no longer stop the car, and then the size of the bag is even more mini. It is estimated that the wallet will not fit any more, and only a mobile phone, bank card, and key can be stored.

In the end, the bag designers have gone crazy. The mini bags designed are estimated to be used by the villain. They can only be used for decoration and can't hold anything.

So the question is, why are bags getting smaller and smaller now?

Regarding this question, my answer is --- ---

But I want to say that. I'm afraid that you will strangle me by climbing along the network cable, so I switched to WiFi. Okay, no kidding. In the editor, I seriously summarized why the bags are getting smaller and smaller now.

9 reasons why bags are getting smaller and smaller

1. The Mini bag is more exquisite and beautiful ▼

Everything is the smaller the better, the smaller the cute, and bags are no exception. The Mini bag itself is good-looking, no matter how weird it looks, it can hold it.

2. Mini bag can be suitable for more people ▼

Whether you are a tall girl or a hobby girl, you can always choose a mini bag, especially the petite MM is more suitable for a mini bag.

3. Mini bags are easier to match ▼

If you wear clothes with a strong sense of design or rich colors, choosing a large bag will be cumbersome, but a small bag will not have this trouble. You can match it with any mini bag.

4. Mini bag makes you more fashionable ▼

Compared with large bags, mini bags are more fashionable. Pairing with a mini bag will double your overall fashion.

5. Mini bag can exercise your ability to streamline ▼

The capacity of the mini bag is very limited, which makes you have to decide what you will use, and will not bring too many things that you will not use.

6. Mini bag is light and small weight ▼

Many large leather bags are very scary because of their own weight. If you put a lot of things on them, you will be half dead. Mini bags will not have this problem at all.

7. The classic bag has new tricks again ▼

Brand owners are also very chicken thieves, directly reducing the classic bag models, without having to bother designing new models, and allowing women to repay their pockets.

8. Mini bags are cheaper ▼

This reason is the most practical. With the same style, Mini bags are cheaper than large bags, which can save us a lot of money.

9. Mini bag is more everyday ▼

After making some small bags for specific occasions, they can be used daily. For example, the straw woven bag used for vacations is usually cute and special when it is made small.

8 popular elements of this year's Mini bag

Mini bags are becoming more and more popular. What are the trends in this year's mini bags? The editor reveals one by one for you.

1. Metal ring▼

Adding metal ring decoration to the bag, or directly using the metal ring as the bag handle, is a very popular and fashionable bag this year.

2. Overlay ▼

Hanging ultra-mini bags as decorations on larger bags is also a very fashionable and popular practice now.

3. Straw ▼

Straw shoes are not only popular this year, but even the straw woven bag has been reduced in size and is more suitable for daily wear. I did not expect that the straw woven bag has been reduced so that it is so interesting to watch.

4. Barrel type▼

Following the explosion of the bucket bag, the bucket bag continues to be popular. This type of bucket bag has the beauty of architectural lines and is suitable for girls who like simple three-dimensional styles.

5. Super Mini▼

Mini bags can no longer meet the needs of fashionable people, and super mini bags have appeared again. This kind of bag is purely concave, don't expect it to hold anything, but it looks good and can be used as a decorative stack.

6, tassel ▼

Tassels are not only popular in clothing, but also continue to be popular on bags. Adding tassels to bags makes bags more dynamic and more fashionable.

7, wide shoulder strap ▼

Wide shoulder straps are also a big fire this year, directly evolving shoulder straps into a kind of decoration, changing a shoulder strap for a bag is a new style.

8. Box type▼

Because of the emergence of LV's small boxes, box-shaped bags have become popular, and various brands have launched their own box-shaped bags. Although the box-shaped bags cannot hold anything, the concave shape is excellent.