Small bag philosophy: limited life ,please bring the most important things only!
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Big bags are convenient and practical, andall the things you want to bring can be put in, but when you look forsomething, have you ever been troubled? Relatively speaking, the small bag isexquisite and full of modernity. You can find what you need inside. Although itis a mini bag, it is enough to put your wallet, mobile phone, key, toner box,lipstick, etc. The philosophy of small bags makes you understand what is reallyimportant in life.

Bringing a small bag will make you feel moreflexible, increase your willingness to go out ,to know more. Because carrying asmall bag is definitely more free than carrying a heavy bag.

For example, if the route is the same asusual, while you carry a small and light bag, you will try to visit the cornerthat you wouldn't visit normally, or walk into a store that you are interestedin but never been to before. In that case, you might can see an unexpected butlovely store and you will see the items you’ve been looking for.

People who always carry a large number ofitems, they have ability to aware people's emotions keenly, observe theatmosphere of the scene, and seize the opportunity, so they will prepare a lotof things to make the luggage heavy. Because they always feel that all theitems must be brought.

The more responsible and trusted people,the more they want to bring more things. But in the end, they will forget theimportant things but pay more attention to the unimportant things.

However,If you want to go out with a smallbag, you have to double check the items you will carry ,you might think aboutit with a whole day to make sure what should go along with you. And this meansyou are thinking what you want to do in a limited time of life. Determine what item need most ,and then put it into thelimited space of the bag, and in this process, you can see your own values.