Maintenance methods of various leather materials
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Maintenance methods of various leather materials

1. Ordinary leather

The first layer of skin is the skin of an animal. It has good elasticity and tight fibers. You can see skin wounds, knife wounds or toothpick marks, as well as the pores, blood tendons and veins of the skin itself. The first layer of skin has not been treated, the top is tight, the bottom is loose, there is transition, because of leather processing dyeing, so after using for a period of time, especially the lighter color of the skin, the skin will appear slight decoloration and wear, which is a normal phenomenon.

2. Paint leather

The surface is coated with high brightness light paint or crystal paint, gloss, leather surface firm, uniform color, suitable for the manufacture of fashionable leather goods. High water resistance, no air permeability. Because of heavy coating and strong covering, the first layer and two layers of skin with more defects are used.

Maintenance method: because of the paint surface scratch is difficult to repair, use to avoid hard objects, sand and stone scratch, can be wiped with a soft towel, can not be exposed to the sun or fire, in order to prevent the skin becomes hard, can use colorless nursing oil nursing, and colorless clean cloth wipe back and forth, so that it maintains the original luster.

3. Oil leather

When the surface is lightly scratched with the fingernail, it will appear to reverse whitening. It will return to its original color after a gentle rubbing. The skin is oily, moist, thick but not hard, shiny. Both the first and second floors are available. Cleaning method: put a small amount of oil on the cotton cloth and wipe evenly.

Maintenance and precautions: when using, pay attention to waterproof and oil-proof, try to avoid scratching and collision with hard objects, resulting in cortical damage will not be able to recover. Oily heavy leather gluey effect is poor, easy to open glue. Usable skin oil undertakes maintenance, be like bi Lizhu, light oil and so on.

4. Water dyed skin, wax cowhide

water dyed skin, wax skin surface without any decoration, just dyeing, wax water polishing after the surface of the skin lines clear, strong three-dimensional feeling, feel smooth. Dip the skin with water, have obvious wet imprint, skin surface will accumulate water.

Cleaning method: in the cleaning process, can not use oily water agent, with eraser gently wipe the best.

Maintenance and precautions: water dyed leather, wax leather is non-coated leather, easy to absorb water and  tains, color is more prominent, pay attention to avoid water or other stains when using, avoid contact with oil, do not rain, wipe dust when not used, maintain the brightness of the skin, prevent mildew.

5. Fall grain skin

Fall grain skin lines are more natural, thick and fine, feel better, is through the fall machine for many times to beat processing.

Cleaning method: easy to clean, with general skin oil can be cleaned. Maintenance and notes: when not used, it is best to hang up; If flat, want to put on the surface, avoid to be crushed by other articles wrinkle, affect beautiful.

6. Litchi grain skin

The grain of litchi grain skin is uniform and clear, and feels granular. It is pressed by pattern template.

Cleaning method: easy to clean, with general skin oil can be cleaned.

Maintenance and matters needing attention: when the leather bag is wrinkled, it can be ironed with an iron and the temperature is controlled between 60-70 degrees. When ironing, use a thin cotton cloth as a lining and move the iron constantly.

7. Abrasive skin

The leather surface is polished, and the scar or rough fiber is worn off, exposing neat and uniform leather fiber tissue and then dyed into a variety of colors of the first layer or two layers of skin.

Cleaning method: scrub with eraser, rubber, or try to scrape with a blade.

Maintenance and precautions: do not contact with glue and other articles with adhesive force when using.

8. Sheepskin

Thin leather, soft leather, strong air permeability, feel smooth and delicate, pores small, oblate.

Cleaning method: wipe the dirt on the leather surface directly with clean cotton cloth dipped with cleaning agent.

Maintenance and precautions: avoid contact with oil, acid and alkaline substances. In case of damp mildew is difficult to repair, avoid water.

9. Anti-fleece

Cleaning method: available abrasive powder/abrasive curing liquid decontamination, especially concentrated in the use of rubber or fine sand paper removal; Solidified dirt - brush off and vacuum off. Liquid - with a wet napkin or dry towel ring wipe, if necessary with a wet cloth with neutral detergent wipe, remember to control the moisture of the wet cloth can not be too much; After the leather is completely dried, restore the original appearance of the surface with a brush.

Maintenance and precautions: avoid long time sunlight or strong light exposure. Vacuum regularly. Finish the surface with a fine brush, sand paper or sponge to maintain the natural feel of the down.

10. Crazy horse skin

With oil sense (wax sense), this is a in the production process of sand skin to add wax processing of cowhard skin, has a very rough style, most used to make style, very simple, new skin seems to be very old; Crazy horse skin surface is messy and disorderly, feel leather sense is strong, can present the background color change effect, occupy the position of high-grade products in the leather market. However, due to its own characteristics and easy to flower, easy to dirty defects, in recent years, there is a trend of decline in the handbag industry.

Maintenance method: avoid hard objects, nails and other scratches, clean and maintain with dry cloth and leather wax, bi Lizhu, must avoid oil stains.

11. wax color change skin

The surface is soft gloss, soft leather, uniform color, soft feel. It is the cowhide of a kind of recreational style, its oil content is big, have discoloration effect, cushion skin bottom to be able to appear to whiten etc. color depth change by force.

Disadvantages: Easy to scratch

Maintenance method: avoid hard objects scratching, can be wiped off the surface dust with a soft towel every two to three days, cleaning and maintenance with bilishu.

12. Tree lamb skin

It is a kind of leather tanned with vegetable tanning agent. It is tanned with vegetable tanning agent (tannic acid) extracted from plants. Does not contain harmful substances to human body, is a kind of green leather can be used for direct contact with the skin, harmless to human body. The fiber organization is tight, the extensibility is small, the molding is good, the board surface is full of elasticity, no greasy feeling, the grain surface of the leather, the suede is shiny, the water is easy to become soft, the plasticity is easy to complete the type.

Maintenance method: minimize the contact between inclusion and water and oil. When touching water or oil, dry it with absorbent paper towels as soon as possible (do not wipe the skin with alcohol or disinfectant wipes). Water will harden the leather, and gasoline will dry and crack the oil. If it penetrates into the cortex, it can be diluted by letting it dry naturally.