Seasonal hot bags and some versatile items are popular
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Classic and good looking all around style is really a bag that can be entered with eyes closed. Even if you carry it on your back for 5 or 6 years, it will not be out of date, so the meaning of classic can be better interpreted.

What are the practical and popular bags in spring? You can find some inspiration from today's recommendation.

Triomphe is introverted and full of temperament. It is suitable for all ages from 20 to 80. If you accept a dark one, it will be a classic that will not go out of style for 20 years.Kaia's color blocking style is full of retro style, which is very suitable for matching suits with a little oversize in this season to create a gentlemanly style.

The Burberry Lola bag with "TB" metal clasps blends vintage and modern. In addition to the classic and simple shape, the practical package is also an important standard to reflect the practicability. White with a pure and cool temperament, orange is a little more enthusiastic.

Prada bowling handbags made their debut in the spring and summer of 2000 "sincere chic" series. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the launch of this popular handbag, the handbag series reappeared at Prada early spring 2020 fashion show.

The bag is made of calfskin. It is very wide and decorated with similar materials in contrasting colors. Its capacity and weight are also very touching.Even if it is small, it will not affect the practicability of Prada bowling.