Off-White's New $1,665 Bag Is Full of Holes
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It's no secret that It bags have been getting weirder and weirder for several seasons now. From Jacquemus' teeny tiny bags that only hold a single AirPod to handbags worn as necklaces and bracelets, designers have been pushing the limits on just how quirky they can go. The latest comes from Off White's Virgil Abloh, who sent a leather bag filled with giant holes down his Spring 2020 runway.

The perplexing accessory, dubbed the "Meteor" bag, is punctured with three giant holes, including one in the bottom corner. According to the brand, the bag, which can't actually carry any of your belongings, is intentionally "unfunctional." Despite that, it still retails for $1,665.

For its runway debut at Paris Fashion Week, models put their arms through the holes of the bag, as one does. The collection was inspired by a meteor shower, hence the dramatic holes and name of the It bag. If you know anything about science, you know this is exactly the kind of effect a cosmic event has on one's accessories.

Fans of Off White will notice that the new Meteor bag is simply a holyer version of the brand's Jitney bag. Earlier this year, the Jitney bag raised eyebrows with its "Cash Inside" instructions, an invitation for people to rob it.