Designers must see! Pantone released the spring and summer 2022 popular colors
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Designers must see! Pantone released the spring and summer 2022 popular colors

In this spring/summer color palette, we see a hundred brilliant colors in full bloom: from the 2022 color of the year, spring flower blue, to the bright yellow, light pink and soft blue that come alive again every spring and summer.

As we move into a new landscape where the rules of fashion no longer apply, the colors of Spring/Summer 2022 allow us to mix and match

as we wish, encouraging the exploration of new color realities and opening the door to personalized style and spontaneous color assertions.

So, let's take a look at Pantone's top 10 trendy colors for spring/summer 2022.


靛蓝彩雀 Indigo Bunting

Indigo Bunting

Named after the festive colored bird, Indigo Bunting is a vibrant and cheerful color very much in line with the blues of nature, with high saturation color giving a transparent and pure visual effect.


海边玻璃蓝 Beach Glass

Beach Glass

Beach glass is a watery green, delicate and light, with the lightness and softness of water, like a spring breeze, giving people a sense of clarity. Just like when we are at the seaside, the sun shines on the water in a shimmering hue.


芭蕾舞步粉 Pirouette


Light and translucent with a remarkable eye-catching texture, the delicate and adorable pink gives a dreamy girlish feel while adding a touch of tenderness. This delicate and almost translucent shade adds a soft touch to any palette.


蓝色环礁 Blue Atoll

Blue Atoll

The blue atoll is reminiscent of a tropical island in the middle of the sea, where summer in Phuket is a mix of heat and coolness. It is the color of truth and freedom, it is bright, has presence and is also so high class. This color conjures up a truly dreamlike scene.


熔岩流红 Lava Falls

Lava Falls

Since ancient times, red is the representative color of passion, "lava flow red" is a combination of value and strength in one, like a lava flow eruption.

Describing Lava Falls, Pantone said, "This fiery red erupts with flowing energy." Despite its darkness, this hue remains warm and vibrant.


紫玫瑰 Purple Rose

Purple Rose

Naturally proud, roses exude an air of nobility and mystery. The purple rose amplifies this attribute by calming, tranquilizing and dignifying people!


金盏花橘 Marigold


"Marigold orange" is a color named after the marigold color, representing romance, visually gives a sense of comfort, and the warmth of yellow-orange tones, but also brings people into a warm space.


泡菜辣椒绿 Pickled Pepper

Pickled Pepper

The representative of the popular color, cool and refreshing green with gardening, not only stimulates the vision, but also gives a sour and spicy feeling.


橘褐色 Orange Ochre

Orange Ochre

Orange with some brown tone "orange brown", is a simple and not vulgar visual color, warm color, warm heart.


明亮黄 Illuminating


Sunny, clear, friendly, pleasant and optimistic bright yellow hue, as one of the color of the year 2021, it still makes a splash in the spring and summer of 2022.

After a dull winter, bright bright yellow with high grade gray will bring a refreshing effect.