Chanel's Art Director, “Lord Buddha”, died at the age of 85.
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In January, Chanel's Spring and Summer 2009 Gauding Fashion Show was released at the Grand Palace in Paris. Surprisingly,85 years old  Carl Lagerfeld,was absent from the Chanel Show for the first time in 36 years because of physical fatigue, triggering speculation about his health.

In addition to the absence of GaoDingShow, the "Buddha" who has maintained the same image for nearly 20 years has undergone some  changes when participating in Dior's fall and winter men's wear show in 2009. He still wore a classic black suit, white shirt and black tie, and sunglasses, but he had a beard. This change has caused concern to the outside world, many netizens said,  "He looks a lot older like this."

Karl Lagerfeld, born on September 10, 1933 in Hamburg,Germany,he was a famous fashion designer. People call him "Caesar the Great" or"Lord Buddha" in the fashion world. Carl Lagerfeld started as Chanel Art Director in 1983 and has worked with many fashion and art  brands. He makes eight series of clothes for Chanel every year, including readymade clothes and high fashion, five for Fendi and designs

for his own brand. In addition, there are Karl Lagrange designs from perfume,  houses, swimming pools, interior decorations to ice cream.