The legendary "happy bag of rich women" can only be installed in fashion
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In fact, such a happy package for rich women was first launched by Fendi. As early as 2013, Fendi changed its classic Peekaboo to mini version, which was immediately responded by the fashion circle. Superstars and supermodels all carried this package. Although this mini bag is small, there is no problem in putting the lipstick on the mobile phone.

Seeing that mini bags are so popular in the market, all major brands are eager to try to make them smaller. Hermes's Mini Kelly Birkin bag series, miu miu, Saint Laurent... All major brands instantly push Mini bags to the top of the fashion wave.

This situation was finally broken at this year's Paris fashion week. Jacquemus launched a super mini finger bag named Le Mini Chiquito, which is only 5.2cm long even with a handle. The body of the bag doesn't even have 5cm. When taking photos, it was hooked on the finger by the model. It looks like a big ring. Sitting on the side of the T platform, you can't even notice it. The arrival of such a finger bag, once again set the mini bag, increased the meaning of decoration, reduced the practicability, seemingly impractical operation, but again got the bill of the fashion circle.

Fashionable people from all over the world also carry such finger bags. They hook their fingers, take their wrists and hang their necks... There are all kinds of ways to carry them.

Have you seen so many finger bags? Although all of them have no practical use, they can't escape the true fragrance law. Maybe that's the charm of mini bags!