Purple counterattack! ! !The most hotest color must be the purple!
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People who love fashion might be discovered that purple has suddenly become popular

recently!Many brands have launched a lot of dazzling purple bags one after another!

To be honest, purple has not been a popular choice in the hearts of many bag lovers for so

many years.

Sometimes even when I see a purple bag, I still feel a little awkward, and I

don't know how to carry it to look good!

But this year is actually lavender, which is quite different from the usual purple.


tone is as gentle and romantic as cream powder, but it is a little cooler than pink, and

it is very good just looking at it!

This cool and advanced temperament is also similar to

Pantone's 2022 popular color periwinkle blue.

Such purple will not be too mature and strong, but will give people a more youthful and

refreshing feeling.

Coupled with the new varieties of major brands that take turns to plant

grass, more and more people are using various purple bags. I feel that many people are

gradually accepting and falling in love with this color!

Looking at it this way, the purple bag is ready to counterattack? ?

Today, Mr. Bao is here

to show you what brands have launched lavender bags!

You can also discuss and discuss, do

you think Purple succeeded in counterattack this year?

In my opinion, Cut-Out is really one of the new bags with the most attitude in the bag

industry in recent years. At first glance, it makes people feel fashionable and very


And Cut-Out also followed the trend this spring and summer, and put on a

fashionable lavender!

The whole bag is still cool, and at the same time, it has some empty inspiration, just

like Ouyang Nana wearing black but wearing a thousand gold makeup, it is sweet and cool!


has both a chic side and a feminine side, which is very suitable for Givenchy's current

brand style!

In addition, the lavender large Cut-Out is also very beautiful!

Relatively speaking, the

color should be more cool, coupled with the gradient treatment, it looks cool and

handsome, but also very artistic.

However, the size of this bag is still quite large, and

the presence behind the upper body is very strong, so it is more suitable for the trendy

people who like to pursue something different!

This is just a suede style, with a rounded bag shape + a touch of purple, it looks soft

and soft, and it makes people want to pick it up and touch it when it is placed there!

Well, today's lavender bag will be shared here first~