Popular color trends
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Popular color trends

Citrus orange, as the color of citrus fruit, conveys the concept of sun, vitamin C and health to the world, and also conveys lively and upward emotions, and there is a kind of warmth that people want to get close to.

Citrus oranges are like dazzling sunlight, reminding us of golden autumn and abundant fruits, bringing us a fragrance of abundance and happiness.

If you want to get this simple happiness, you can have this beauty right away by putting on your body.

Collocation formula


Almost all colors can be well matched with black, almost becoming an iron rule. When orange and black are matched, the vitality value is released to the maximum, and restraint and publicity are effectively balanced.


White visually gives people a sense of coolness. When encountering a passionate orange, the right embellishment can make the shape lighter and more beautiful.


Black and white + orange, seemingly simple matching rules, when worn together, it feels like a lot of thought.

#Orange + military green

How harmonious orange and military green are together, just look at how many military green bomber jackets have orange linings~


All fashionistas know that matching the same colors is a good way to make the style look more advanced, but in fact it is very simple and good.

#Orange + blue

Warm orange + cool blue, as long as the two are basically the same in brightness and gray, dark orange with dark blue, light orange with light blue, the effect will be amazing, but the premise is to find the best The shade that suits your skin tone~

Perhaps many little fairies worry that citrus oranges are too bright and beautiful, and some are difficult to control. In fact, most people have two big misunderstandings about orange.

One is that such a highly saturated color must have high requirements for skin color and it is difficult to control. In fact, orange, like bright yellow, is very white.

Eva Chen has been crazy about citrus oranges recently

Otherwise, no one would dye their hair orange directly. This approach not only caters to the trend, but also makes the skin white and shiny. Who wouldn't want to do it?

The second misunderstanding is that orange is difficult to match, even if it is popular, I dare not blindly follow it.

But in fact, as long as you subtract other colors on your body, when you find it difficult to match, just buy a single product that can indulge your "lazy cancer", such as a dress. You don't need to spend a lot of effort to struggle with matching at all, you can still wear high Sense without losing individuality.