How to maintain your canvas bags?
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Canvas tote bags, they are not only affordable and lightweight, but also durable and capaciousness. So now they become the best choice for a girls when they are go out. However, the material of canvas bags: linen, this is a kind of  material that very easy to get dirty . When you go out to have a drink like coffee ,juices ect. If we are not careful enough, we will make the bags dirty easily.  But please don't worry , when the bag being dirty, you just need to use the detergent and a soft brush to brush the dirty area few times. And then wash the bag by clean water.  To your reminder,  canvas is a kind of material which is easier to lose the color. When you choose the detergent, it shouldn't have Bleach and fluorescer. Or you can put the bag into the warm water with white vinegar or salt. It can effectively protect the fading of material.

When the bag is drying, we should advoid the direct sunlight and turn over the bag. This will advoid the material to loose the color and will protect the material at the same time.

Also, we can use the cleaning roller to clean the surface of the bag from time to time.