In 2019, these "variant" bags will become top selling ?
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2019 spring and summer show

Louis Vuitton's presbyopia also bid farewell to the traditional package type, the futuristic flying saucer shape bag wants to start one?

In 2019, these "variant" bags will become hot selling ?

Louis Vuitton

CHANEL is not to be outdone, the combination of chain and spherical shape, to create a very interesting chain bag, that is, you can take it with one hand and one shoulder, and if necessary, be a self-defense weapon.


The transparent handbag that appeared on Versace2019's spring and summer show is sweet and sweet, with different colors of flowers, small fresh and design.


Sanit Laurent is a sexy incarnation. This red heart bag is decorated with metal in the shape of a branch, which exudes sensuality and charm.

Sanit Laurent

On the 20th spring and summer show, Dolce Gabbana is inspired by the flower basket. The handbag has become a simulated flower basket, and the red rose is bright and bright.

Dolce Gabbana

Gucci recently loved Mickey, this Mickey head handbag can be described as the limelight in the scene, the street must be a sharp weapon.


Will the exposing machine Balenciaga's love clutch be a burst?


The sexy and gorgeous Balmain also has a strong atmosphere on the bag. The transparent acrylic board is inlaid with various bags, which makes each bag look more characteristic and design, and the added value is very high.