What kind of bag is suitable for your figure?
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What kind of bag is suitable for your figure?

"Get a good figure"

It has always been a very important point in clothing matching.

But most people only notice the choice of clothes,

Ignoring the bag can also have an impact on the figure.

Small people choose large bags carefully

Don’t think that the visual drop applies to the bag,

Big bags won’t make you petite,

in contrast,

A small man with a big bag is like a child stealing clothes from an adult.

Looks procrastinated and overpowering.

Especially the big bag is still dragging a long belt diagonally across the body,

The effect of being short is even more obvious

There is only one situation where big bags are suitable for small people.

That is, it can be carried cleanly in your hand.

The strap is suitable, neither long nor short,

Can be carried or put on the wrist

Small bags can be thin

In terms of visual effects,

Small bags are easier to achieve slimming effect than large bags.

The small bag has a neat and refined feeling on the body,

It can also focus on people’s vision,

No cutting points extending laterally will be produced.

The same is a straw bag,

The following small models of bags,

Obviously thinner than the large bag above.

Bag position affects height

This is not difficult to understand,

The higher the bag’s position on the body,

People's vision becomes more concentrated.

Then the line below the focal point will be longer,

So it looks high.

Like a high waist line,

Bag location,

Changed the proportion of the overall mix.

The French baguettes and pockets that were very popular last year,

With the height under the armpit,

Easily diverted his attention,

Let the wearer present a tall and neat image.

Bag shape affects fat and thin

In addition to the size of the bag, the length of the strap and the location of the bag,

The shape of the bag is also an important factor affecting the weight of the body.

Square bags with sharp edges and corners are easy to look strong,

And the right angle is offensive.

So when using such a package,

The clothes collocation should be biased towards soft elements as much as possible.

And the bag with rounded corners,

With a playful sense of pause,

It can add a sense of soft lines to the whole.

A saddle bag with a curved body that perfectly fits the shape of the body.

In fact, it is very visible.

Medium or small bucket bag,

style: Casual,

It can also create a sense of line for the whole body.

There are also some unique shaped bags,

The shape itself is eye-catching enough,

If it can be matched with a suit,

The overall beauty is more refined and smooth.

Bags are not misused,

It's not just a container for personal belongings.

It is the finishing touch to the overall collocation,

It is also the key to changing the proportion of the figure.

Choose the right bag,

Matching is half the battle.


The most interesting collocation is these "four two pull a thousand jin" embellishments. Sometimes you think they can be completely ignored. It seems that there is no change to remove them, but when you use them correctly, they are icing on the cake.

I always said don't ignore the role of accessories. Just like the flowers on the balcony, the pillows on the sofa and the people beside the pillows, these insignificant existence actually have an invisible force to ferry us through the darkness of life.