The strongest storm, the trend of the bag in 2019, are you getting it?
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On the popular, then in the street shooting inside and outside the fashion week, I saw the most bag from Chanel, it is the Chanel 31 bag. There aren't many bags named directly under the Arabic numerals, so I remembered it in a second.

Very casual atmosphere package, a variety of back methods. Confirmed your eyes, it will be the next "Wandering Bag" is right.

Chanel has also done a lot in the IT bag industry in recent years. For me personally, my favorite thing about Chanel 31 is Liu Wen's interpretation.

So, what package is popular in the coming year? I will give you a big summary today, and everyone will move the small bench.

The package with the logo has been a fire for a few years, but has never quit the fashion altar. It is characterized by a group of people who can see at a glance which brand you are taking, and the high-profile person's first choice. Do you know who the double C in the fashion circle is, and one of them is the most popular logo package this year, Celine is none other than 。

Each package has a bold letter "C", and a single "C" completes the double "C".

Fortunately, Hedi cleverly separated the position of the double "C", otherwise let the milk milk swollen? And although this is the ancestor of the Celine family, it is very coincidental that Miss Chloe, who is next door to the house, also used it, and there is no loss at all.

In addition to 3C, there are double V, in addition to LV and Valentino fairy, since Maria went to Dior and began to go to a higher frequency, this year's bag has a big "V", it seems to be waiting Who is going to be certified.

Among the many "big V", there is a vertical saddle bag that is very eye-catching and is a model of elegant contrast.

Falling in love with the logo, Burberry, who just changed the designer,

Although the letter "TB" is quite a bit of a cottage, the two letters make sense, it is the initials of the brand founder Thomas Burberry. In this way, the moment is advanced.

It is Karl's old man who re-created the brand logo. He may feel that the occasional look of the double C is a bit greasy, so he started an article on "CHANEL".

The strongest storm, the trend of the bag in 2019, are you getting it?