Do you know the fashionable hardware color of bags recently?
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Maybe you are a color master in the leather industry.

But you may be a color blind in the hardware world!

In fact, many people and even people in the bag industry can hardly understand the color of the hardware, because a little change in colorwill turn into another color. For example, silver and chrome, do you know how to distinguish?

We are roughly divided hardware into four major categories: gold, silver , gunmetal and special colors. Gold can be divided into: shiny gold, light gold, imitation gold, brushed gold, gold gilding, etc.; Silver has nickle, chrome, white steel, brushed silver, ancient silver, etc.; Black has gunmetal, electrophoresis gun, matt gun and so on. Special colors are colors we rarely use or see, like rose gold ,coffee gold and pearl silver.

Do you know the fashionable hardware color of bags recently?

Gold :
Because gold has been a symbol of aristocratic status since ancient times, luxury , noble and durable. Although some people despise the lifestyle of wealthy man, they can't shake the golden status. So gold is still the most common color in bags.


Gucci has become a benchmark in the fashion industry. Designers would like to find inspiration in the bizarre stories ,the mysterious style has become a new cognition of a brand. A variety of strange elements such as butterflies, tigers, snakes become popular for a brand.

Antique Silver : Saint Laurent bags are always has structure shape.The shape of the bag is straight and neat. To reflects the independent personality of women. They morely like to use low-key hardware color Like the hardware below is ancient silver:

Silver : Silver color was widely used in bags seven or eight years ago.Because the color is cooler and more understated than gold, it is used more in everyday bags, young style bags and men's handbags.

Gunmetal : Saint Laurent's bags have been mentioned before, and the styles reflect the individuality of women, while the hardware is also used in low- key colors.This all- black bag with all- black hardware (electrophoretic gun) couldn't be more understated.Low key also is individual character.

Pearl Gold :

The Chloe (Chloe) Nile half- moon bag has become a fashion SKU of the fashion world .The reason why this bag has become the focus of fashion is that apart from the cute half moon bag, the key is the conspicuous handle hardware .

For the hardware color above, which color do you like best?