The most popular "bags" in 2020, there is a fan in any combination, and the beauty is different
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Vintage small round bag + windbreaker

In recent years, retro styles have prevailed, and round bags have been sought after by most fairies. Reddish brown is a neutral color, this round brown bag is very simple, without any decoration, the highly saturated reddish brown is very textured. The long trench coat with dark green looks very layered. There are both the deepness of the dark color system and the beautiful and retro of the red color system. Paired with white knitting to highlight the gentle and good temperament, the overall match is not difficult to control, it is the best choice for work and vacation

Small round bag + jeans

The red-brown round bag can not only match the windbreaker, but also the white T-shirt and blue jeans. The design of the stand collar lace of the T-shirt is exquisite and elegant, and the design of the puff sleeve can make the shoulder lines more three-dimensional and beautiful. Slim high-waisted jeans can perfectly modify the leg shape, white high-heeled shoes echo the white T-shirt, on the other hand, high-heeled shoes can not only elongate the leg shape but also modify the leg lines more beautiful. The red-brown retro bag with the whole body does not look awkward, on the contrary it is a highlight

Studded small round bag + pink sweater

At the same time, the dark orange small round bag in the brown series adds rivets and metal elements to the design, and it is full of street feeling with the fluorescent green bag. The sweater is a versatile top with a smooth silk texture pink skirt. It has a strong mix and match style. The matching of the same color also makes the overall dress more comfortable. The white fur coat doesn't look bloated under the background of the high-heeled shoes, but the slender feet. The overall look is particularly handsome. Fair-skinned fairies can try this style of matching

White small round bag + windbreaker

Whether in any season of the year, white is a versatile color. Simple white small round bag with beige windbreaker is very temperament. The matching of champagne gold high-heeled shoes echoes the trench coat, and it does not appear dull, noble and elegant. The double-breasted design of the windbreaker is slightly neutral, making people feel full of mystery. The waist belt shows the slim waist of the woman again, adding a touch of female unique charm and charm. The collocation of the small round bag is the highlight of the whole body, a more cute and cute, the overall collocation is more stylish

Pink small round bag + pink suit

Girls of all ages always have an unusual preference for pink. The pink striped suit will not make the whole body look bloated and ugly, but it will be even thinner because of the vertical stripes. The matching of the same color can always match the full sense of high-level. The pale pink canvas shoes not only add points to the suit, but also wear the feeling of college style. It is very age-reducing with the pink small round bag. Does this simple dress alleviate the trouble that the little fairy will not wear?

Woven bucket bag + houndstooth suspender skirt

The characteristic of this bucket bag is that it looks like a bucket. If you want to feel full of fashion when you go to work or shopping, and you want to load a lot of things, this bucket bag is the best choice. This small version of the bucket bag is characterized by a small body, which is convenient for carrying. The woven material is matched with the long plaid slim dress. The slim design of the skirt, especially the waist design, highlights the better lines. The over-knee skirt length covers most of the lower body, but it has the advantage of lengthening the proportion of the body. With the sunglasses of the same color as the bucket bag, the breath of summer is coming

Bucket bag + suit

The leather bucket bag looks more textured than the woven material. Its body is obviously a cylindrical shape, and its capacity is much larger than other round bags. Because the length of the bag is shorter, it is very Suitable for portable. This bag is more suitable for simple atmosphere dress. The loose beige suit looks simple and smart visually. The silver-rimmed glasses are more elegant and elegant. The thin black belt around the waist not only plays a decorative role, but also echoes the leather bucket bag, and the combination of the same material is more coordinated

Black small square bag + cutout dress

The white dress has a hollow design, which is gentle and generous and full of fairy spirits. The unique design of the chest makes the whole person more ladylike. The blue printed knitted jacket will not look too monotonous. The black small square bag is simple and atmospheric. A small detail on the bag is the metal buckle in the middle position. It adds a sense of metal to the whole. The overall collocation is British style. Young ladies who love this style, hurry up

Crossbody + windbreaker

Orange has always been defined as a warm color system. The warm orange cross-body bag does not have a lot of complicated decoration. This bag can be worn cross-body, shoulder or hand. A small suggestion, with a warm orange long leather windbreaker is atmospheric and pulling wind, very suitable for autumn. Matching a yellow and white square scarf reduces the heavy feeling and adds a sense of style to the whole set! With a high split skirt, sexy and charming. Tall young ladies and sisters can try this style of style

Red small square bag + black T-shirt

This small red square bag is quite satisfactory in terms of version, and there are no extra accessories. With a black T-shirt, it wears a layered contrast. Similarly, a simple black T-shirt with high-waist washed blue jeans enhances the overall fashion sense. A small feature of jeans is the design of the belt around the waist, which brings a touch of refinement to the simple collocation. Although the overall wear is simple, the matching of the red small square bag adds a sense of luxury, whether it is a cross-body or a hand-held, there will be a very delicate feeling

Small square bag + suspenders

Deep khaki's small square bag mainly shows the layering brought by its dual layers. The overall silhouette enhances the retro feeling, and the white sling wears a modern sense. With a sporty khaki trousers, it fully demonstrates the combination of retro and modern style. Choose a pair of beige irregular high-heeled sandals that are unified with the overall color system, showing a strong personality, that will not appear old-fashioned and will not derail from the times

Small square bag + camel windbreaker

This small square bag is classic and versatile, suitable for all ages, even college students will not look old-fashioned. It is also the same color matching, showing a full sense of high-level. The classic diamond-patterned stitching design and leather strap design retains French elegance and art, and it is also very practical. The shoulder strap is instantly removed by removing the shoulder strap. Paired with a pair of white wide-leg trousers, it looks less heavy and lighter. Do literary girls like this kind of match?

Small square bag + floral skirt

The design of this bag is that the chain uses a metal chain. Unlike the calmness of the leather shoulder strap, the metal chain feels more flamboyant and hot. The design highlight of the red floral dress is the irregular design of the skirt, which modifies the waist shape while setting off the proportion of the legs. The whole body match is actually very easy to become vulgar, and the red and green dresses can easily collapse if you are careless. So little fairies who like to wear high-saturated colors can put more effort on the style of clothes

Black handbag + little black skirt

Black bags have always not been restricted by age, and that kind of age can control different styles and temperaments. And black packets never need to worry about becoming obsolete. The white sleeveless top is paired with a simple little black skirt. The top is tucked into the little black skirt to reveal the perfect waist shape. The silver bracelet around the wrist adds a sense of metal. The black and white color matching does not have to worry about the saturation rendering of other color systems. The whole body wears a low-key and calm, more mature temperament. If you want to be cooler, try it with a pair of sunglasses

Woven handbag + silk skirt

This woven handbag is a small bag with high functionality, not only practical but also full of fashion. The design of this handbag is refreshing and neat. The silk skirt is full of charm. The top is a knitted outer wear that can be worn. The design of the V-neck and the design of the waist straps add a gentle and elegant. This pair is perfect with a knitted hand bag, no need to worry about wearing cheap

The most popular "bags" in 2020, there is a range of casual collocations, and the height of the beauty is different. The bag is one of the necessary accessories for the little fairies to go out. To choose the right bag to show your own personality