In the second half of 2019, the young luxury bag is coming
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Pinko is a brand that has risen in Italy. The swallow bag believes that everyone is very familiar with it. The unique Love Birds bird shape metal buckle design makes the brand very recognizable.

Rivets, graffiti, metal sense, as if a little rebellious girl, the degree of enthusiasm is not too bad, is a very good choice for the entry of light luxury bags.

Style recommendation

The autumn and winter of 2019 must not be missed, the basic style, the edge is wrapped around the leather.

Simple and generous, not boring, used to match clothes and look good and not slap

Pink and black gradient, a touch of bright colors in the dark autumn and winter

This is very special~

There is also a vintage leather texture series that is also worth starting!

Simple and low-key elephant print👇

Elephant print leather + micro rivet star pattern 👇

Caviar texture leather 👇

It features a half-ring inlay with a mini version of Love Birds, and its color and style are very academic.Finally, it is a two-tone leather material, it is silky touch 👇

Tory Burch

Tory Burch is a light luxury brand in the United States with a minimalist design and a familiar feel. There is a kind of celebrity temperament on the back~~