How to maintain patent leather?
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How to care for a patent leather bag?

1. What is patent leather?

Patent leather is a kind of processing technology, which refers to the coating of leather or PU leather.

The surface is processed into bright and strong leather, which is a clothing material with strong surface effect and style characteristics. A variety of brightly colored patent and imitation patent leather bodysuits, as well as finely fitted patent leather-soled leather shoes, are fashionable items of the moment. Even sneakers and loafers were made of patent leather in the late 1990s.

2. How to maintain patent leather?Patent leather bags on the surface of the dust available a clean wet cloth (wet degree to not dripping water is better), gently wipe on the bag, but also available leather cleaner or cleaning cream to take care of, but can not use bright agent to take care of. Because the shining agent will cause false coating off, will make the bag surface wrinkled.

If the patent leather bag is scratched, first scrub out, use egg white and the same color leather oil mix, and after the scratches will be put together, the mixture will be coated, dry more than two times, until the painted parts than the surrounding surface, the next day with a soft cloth polishing until flat.

Important points:

3. Store separately to avoid dyed items, as well as to avoid sticking to other leather products together, resulting in sticky decoloration.

4. Avoid exposure to the sun to prevent the leather from cracking and discoloration.