It's very fashionable to wear those color in the spring.
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Do you pay any attention to the pantone's fashion color?      

      Pantone is the world's leading popular color forecasting agency. They predicted color is also one of the fashion trends.You aren't strange to you about coral orange, it is the popular color in2019.

After the end of this spring and summer fashion week, Pantone released the spring fashion color.I will share some inspiration in wearing.


Green is the color of spring,there are also two spring popular colors in 2019, it's called the pepper stem (left)

and the green terrarium moss (right).

The green and yellow notes of the pepper stem is relatively heavy, it is similar to the yellow-green , the moss green and the military green are closer.In the spring ,it is very light in wearingthis color .


Blue and green are gold match, you are simple with  denim piece, it looks fresh and natural.

However, it is best not to have a high degree of brightness for the two colors, it tests the matching skills. If you are not careful, it will be too gaudy.


The tender yellow and spring are perfect. Although the yellowgreen color blocks are very large, the brightness is relatively low, so it is not easy to make mistakes.

It can reduce the area of the color block, and the yellow and green colors are very good on the accessories .

3. Fluorescent green

This year, the fluorescent green suddenly becomes hot. Many stars personally demonstrates this color. It is hard to wear for ordinary people.

4. All green

The principle of dark and light color are very easy to use .It feel  fashionable.


Coral red  (left)is the annual color of 2019 , its background color is golden, giving a soft and cheerful  feeling.Carnival Red Fiests (right) is orange-red, it makes your white and refreshing.

1. Orange+White

Coral orange is a little hard to wear, you need choose suitable color to match.You can choose

the white ,it is very refreshing .

2. Orange+Blue

On the basis of orange and blue color matching, you can match some white accessories , the sporty style is more


If you don't like the bright colors, the accessories are still applicable. You choose a orange


Yellow is a color that will make people feel better. Spring must not lack it. The selected aspen gold (left) and mango mojito yellow(right) are both very beautiful.
The aspen gold is close to golden yellow, the brightness is very high, the mango yellow is comfortable and soft, You try to wear in summer.

1.Yellow dress.

Speaking of aspen gold, the first thing I think of is that the Emma Stone is in the yellow dress of "The City of Love". She is very white and shiny.


Yellow and black is a classic color , it is simple and beautiful.