Maintenance of leather goods
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Crocodile leather goods are well maintained

The leather goods made from crocodiles can be seen or heard by many people. But did you know that crocodile leather goods, such as handbags, can be used for 50 years if they are properly protected?

Langer luxury leather care management software to discuss with you, crocodile leather care.

Crocodile skin is also divided into 39 grades?

Like diamonds, crocodile skins vary in size, color, and origin.

Let's start with the best crocodiles.

Porosity SUS is the best grade crocodile skin.

The porosity SUS is called the alligator and is the largest crocodile species.

Leather sheets are of the highest quality and value.

The cortical pattern is even and neat, careful discrimination can see small stomata.

SUS porosity in the market is rare.

The POSITANO tricolor bag of LANA MARKS was made from the alligator skin of SUS porosity.

Crocodile is the second best Crocodile in the world.

Crocodile is the best Crocodile in America and Africa, especially the Nile Crocodile.

Their bellies are finely spaced, with needle-like pores on them and rounded ventral extension.

= is the third grade of crocodile skin.

= the boss is in the corner.

Mississippi alligators are the most famous.

They don't have holes in them.

But because its leather is full, decorative pattern is rich, also very popular.

It is especially suitable for a mature and stable man's briefcase.

All grades of crocodile skin are best on the abdomen, followed by the ventral side, the back and tail.

How should crocodile-skin handbag be maintained?

If you learn to take good care of your crocodile-skin handbag from now on, it will be the best wedding gift for your daughter.

Do not use chemical solvents, alcohol or regular leather care solution to it is harmful, will destroy the surface gloss of the protein, resulting in fading.

Alligator bags are not easy to get dirty, just a soft cloth to wipe.

Don't use shoe polish or wax polish, can only use URAD or other professional leather care agent to wipe gently, make in-depth pores of dirt was taken away by sponge, composition containing lanolin and palm juice provides more protection.

The lost flexibility of the crocodile's skin has been restored by adding water to prevent drying.

Contraindication day basks in the wind to blow, the shower also can wipe with soft dry cloth only, and not electric hair dryer, when wiping needs to follow the scale direction.

Fill the bag with vacuum liner, otherwise the bag will be out of shape due to long-term stacking and shelving.

Dust bags are essential.

As long as the luxury leather care manual good, the price is moderate, can stand in the luxury leather care industry invincible place?

Wrong, if there is no efficient and fast management, how to ensure the quality of the store?

Blue luxury leather care management software can help you.

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