Coats and bags, how to match better?
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Coats and bags, how to match better?

A good look cannot be achieved without every detail of matching.

This is especially true of coats. Because coats are heavyweight items in your closet. Many people think that when they put on a coat, everything is "fine". It is easy to ignore the details with.

In fact, the stronger the style of the single product the more attention to detail is needed.

Shoes, hats, gloves, earrings necklaces. and the bag we are writing about today. All are elements that add the finishing touch.

Dressing to match. It is not only about finding the connection between yourself and your clothes. You should also learn to coordinate the relationship between the items and the pieces.

The language of dressing. Sometimes it is hidden in these details.

So what is the hidden language between the coat and the bag?

The longer the coat, the smaller the bag.

This is important. Especially for petite girls.

Small people wearing grown-up clothes are most afraid of pressing their size and dragging unprofessional. So use the small size of the bag to divert the attention and The bag is a great way to increase the sense of sharpness.

The higher the small bag is held, the taller it is. This is equivalent to shifting the visual focus upwards. Smaller figures can safely learn from this.

The classic retro underarm bag is the best choice.

It can not only perfectly weaken the heavy feeling of the coat, but also It can not only reduce the heavy feeling of the coat, but also bring the whole body to be sharp and light. It can also express the retro and charming charm.

It makes the simple coat look more durable.

The heavier the coat, the softer the bag.

The heavy feeling coat is certainly good for warmth, but it is also most likely to cause a sense of visual drag. But it is also the most likely to cause a sense of visual drag.

When it comes to matching We may make use of material contrast. The hard leather bag will be replaced with a soft clutch bag.

Use partial accessories to accent. The whole body is relaxed and easy to wake up.

The phenomenal "BV style"

The iconic bag shape is the soft texture, natural feeling weave-based, the way to hold the bag has also become more elegant.

The soft bag can be folded and rolled at will and held under the armpit, not only makes the whole body look more casual, but also weakens the seriousness and dullness of the coat to make the whole body more delicate and bookish.

Especially the furry coats. Whether it is a crossbody bag or a shoulder bag will add a sense of tiredness.

The casual feel of a clutch bag can weaken the overall weight.

Classic color scheme to create a good texture.

Color is the first element that enters the vision.

And color matching is a timelessly important topic in matching.

The matching of bags and coats. In addition to considering the difference of single product material and shape the more important thing to consider is how to coordinate the color.

A good color scheme can change the texture of a piece.

What is a good color scheme?

Simple not monotonous, rich not confusing, interesting and not unstable color scheme is a good color scheme.

And in the matching of coats and bags The most tested than the black and white with or earth color and colorless black and white with the combination.

Black bag with black coat.

The most attitudinal match. It is also the match that expresses the coolness, elegance and dash the most.

And you can never go wrong wearing as many layers as you want. Black makes everything look reasonable.

However, black is still more qualitative with no color.

A white body is a winter luxury.

The only thing to note about matching white bags with coats is to try to avoid the dull stereotype of the same color.

Use the different materials or the warm and cold properties of white to make a dazzling white have a sense of layers.

Camel colored coat + black bag.

This is the most fashionable and expensive color scheme.

When you've seen the flowers and the complexities. When you have experienced the false beauty in plastic decoration. Why not try camel with black.

The simple combination can give you the richest connotation.

Let this simple all in one full of endless charm.

A camel color.

The camel coat with camel bag is very popular among noblewomen.

This is a group of color scheme that shows off the texture very much. With the precipitation of a thousand sails The color of the color of the surrender of tolerance and wisdom.

This winter, if you can no longer find a fresh look. Try a camel color.

Colorful bags, astonishing.

The masters of playing with color are never willing to go with no color.

They will be in between color and color. Find a balance point.

Make the whole body bright and colorful without feeling cheap.

For example, a light purple with soft goose yellow A small area of color clash will not be overly ostentatious. Most people can manage it well.

Or maybe in a classic camel coat The red or purple bag can be worn with a classic camel coat.

The bright color scheme instantly lights up the eye. The color is just the right touch.

The color is just the right amount of body.

And in the ladylike checkered coat, the colorful bag is the playfulness. The colorful bag is the hint of playfulness.

It is a great way to show your energy and specialness in a regular check.

In short For those who want to play with colors, or want to challenge colorful clothes, you may want to start with shoes, bags and other small area accessories.

Many of the colors that people complain about not being able to wear can generally be managed well when used on a bag.

A coat is synonymous with poise. Its elegance includes invisible quality, and And hidden in the details of the elaborate.

And the bag. is the important fulcrum of the whole body style.

The bag is matched. The coat is a little more ordinary, it does not matter.


Remember Rika's big bag in "Tokyo Love Story"? In the bustling streets of Tokyo, Rika's bag was always the most eye-catching among the crowded office workers. Even Wanji, who is aloof from her, wonders what she has in her bag. And Rika's answer is: love and hope.

In every shoulder-padded coat, her bag is both the start of the day and the end of it all. As long as there is a bag and a coat, it seems that any more accidents on the way can be easily dealt with.

Wearing a coat, don't forget that its other language is the bag.