What bag does a dress go with?
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What bag does a dress go with?

The dress has the most intuitive language,

It is a dynamic poem,

Create different rhythms between women's gestures.

This poetic extension,

The language from our skin, hair color and body,

It is also related to the minutiae of collocation.

Different hair accessories, different shoes and bags,

All affect the final appearance of the dress.

Before that,

We must first understand the basic elements of collocation.

Color, fabric material, outline size, style element,

It is the most basic reference condition in collocation.

Between color and color,

Between material and profile,

Between clothes and accessories, between clothes and people,

There are inextricably linked.

Balance or conflict,

The tension or harmony of the collision,

Handle these relationships well,

In order to wear a unique style.

Below we start with the color matching of the dress and the bag:

Color contrast

1. The more plain the skirt, the brighter the bag

A very simple method of comparing traditional and simplified collocation,

It is also relatively simple and not easy to make mistakes.

The large areas of plain skirts are easy to look dull,

Use bags as embellishments to give the outfit a focal point.

2. The brighter the skirt, the more plain the bag

The same reason,

When the skirt is colorful and colorful,

The choice of bags must be biased towards the basic colors.

Classic black, brown and white bags,

They are all versatile.

3. The sweeter the skirt, the more stable the bag

Sweet candy color dress,

Need more stable color matching,

In order to make the whole more textured.

Especially the dreamy colors like light bubbles,

More need to be in bags and shoes accessories,

Increase the texture and strengthen the thickness of the texture.

Black is too dull in summer,

Why not try brown, which has the characteristics of earth color.

Brown is the color of soil, tree trunks and all calm objects,

It can show low-key luxury on some very well-used artificial leather.

So I want to show the elegant and low-key texture,

The best option is to use brown,

The brown bag is matched with white and peacock blue,

Both are accurate interpretations of high-level sense.

4. Skirts and bags are in the same color

The simplest collocation idea,

It is a body of the same color, complementing each other.

Find the color of the skirt,

Follow the color collocation,

Use the different shades of color to create a sense of hierarchy.

For example, dark purple with light purple, bright red with pink...

In this way, even the same color system will not be dull and monotonous.

Printed skirts are easier to handle,

Choose a color in the printed skirt as the color of the bag.

The whole is always in primary and secondary,

The focus and the whole complement each other.

Material comparison method

1. The more beautiful the texture of the skirt, the simpler the texture of the bag

Smooth and shiny satin silk skirt,

In a simple bag with unpretentious texture,

Will be more suitable for daily use,

It can also show an unconscious sense of luxury.

Like a straw woven bag, a soft retro leather bag,

They are all suitable for matching with gorgeous satin material or silk dress.

Gorgeous items are only in a comfortable atmosphere,

Will appear warm and affectionate.

Fragile and gorgeous lace fabric,

It is also not suitable for a bag design that is too ostentatious.

Simple and generous colors and versatile bags can complement its delicate and luxurious style.

Style with

1. Flower skirt with straw bag

All clothing items and accessories,

In fact, it has its inherent style attributes.

Different people will give it different lives,

But if it can postpone its style trend.

The whole body will show a very suitable effect.

Such as printed skirts,

It is naturally more compatible with straw woven bags.

Handmade straw bags and printed skirts appear together,

Can present a relaxed and free beauty.

The large-area prints look fresh and beautiful,

It seems too noisy if you don't wear well, and there is no priority.

And the straw bag embellishment,

Just rightly weakened the complexity of the printed skirt.

Add natural gas to the printed skirt in the depths of a hundred flowers,

It is suitable for all outing trips and the mood of contact with nature.

White skirt or striped skirt decorated with ruffles,

It can also show a romantic free and easy in a straw bag.

Whether it's a beautiful skirt or a beautiful bag,

When they exist alone, they are just monotonous decorations.

Only in the embellishment of each other,

There is a sense of reality of richness, plasticity and flexibility.


The beauty of summer is a breath of breath. As the skirt flies, the soft heart rippling away. All the stagnation and unbearableness faded away slowly, and a clear mood was presented before my eyes.