The new fashion about the handbags
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Today'sfashion is for micro styles just the right size for your phone and lippy

  • In the British "Daily Mail" list of women's favorite purchases, bags topped the list, even shoes, clothes, jewelry, cosmetics and other women's high attention to daily necessities can not match. Still in the big bag? Now the mini bag is sweeping in a crushing posture, and it is getting smaller and smaller.

  • When it comes to designer handbags, sizematters but not in the way youcould think. If you want to make a big style statement this season, you need togo tiny.

  • From the Duchess of Cambridge to Rihanna andJennifer Lawrence, celebrities have been spotted carrying tiny versions ofdesigners full-size offerings.Forget huge holdalls or roomy shoppers. Its all about micro or nano bags,with every designer from Louis Vuitton to Fendi shrinking their popular stylesto doll-like proportions, barely big enough to hold a mobile phone and alipstick.

  • Even Theresa May has one. Our on_trend PMwas recently spotted carrying a dinky Redford bag by her favourite Britishdesigner, Amanda Wakeley. At 17cm tall and a mere 7.5cm deep, it’s roughly the same size as a box ofchocolates, yet still costs almost £1,000.

  • And the High Street hasfollowed suit, with sales of micro bags up 72 percent on last year at JohnLewis, and a staggering 200 percent at Debenhams. On fashion sites such asNet-a-Porter, the tiny bags often sell out seconds after they arrive.

  • "Mini bags have become the new must_have luxury item," said Caroline Field, an accessory buyer at Selfridges in London.Back then, we saw bags getting bigger andbigger. Right now, we see the trend in reverse. These bags are all about shape,colour, adding interest and being playful — almost a crossover point between accessories and jewellery.

  • Partly, too, it’s a sign of how technology has takenover our lives. ‘These days, all you really need areyour keys and your phone,says Emily Seares fromonline style magazine Fashion Bite.A phone can act as adiary, travel card, camera and even bank card in one —so why cart around a huge bag when you can carry these essentials in a chic,tiny one?

  • Nano bags are also a way for designers totap into the younger market.Cross_body styles lookyounger and more casual so are hugely popular with the Instagram_loving crowd,says Emily. ‘Micro bags are avery canny move by fashion brands as they make designer labels more accessibleto a younger customer who might not be able to afford a full_size bag for morethan £1,500, but could just save up and splurge out on a mini one that’s a few hundred pounds.

  • But while some women may well swap theiroversized bag for a neater, shrunken version, there will always be those who can not decide between the two — and buy both, even using them at the same time.More and more women arestoring their essentials in a nano bag and then stashing it inside a largertote bag,’ says Emily.That way, you can stillcarry around your laptop and gym kit —then, when it comes to the evening, you can check your big bag into thecloakroom and just carry your tiny bag with you to the table, bar ordancefloor.