This year, the firepower of woven bags will not be reduced, and the firepower will dominate your summer!
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This year, many famous brands have joined in the army of weaving elements. It can be seen that there will be another wave of upsurge of weaving bags this year~


Prada, who can grasp women's heart, has put a lot of effort into the bag this year. No matter whether it's coarse weave or fine weave, it's delicate and sexy. Like sweet Dousha, a sweet girl with a woven bag is a little more lazy and intellectual.

Prada's coarse knitting series this year has the taste of summer sea breeze. Although the outline of the bag is strong, the highlight lies in the details. Not only is half of the woven design used for the surface of the bag, but also half of the woven design for the belt. It looks exquisite and casual.

This year's Prada "small basket" is also very popular. Compared with the coarse one, the fine one has more laziness and elegance in it. You can easily interpret the summer holiday style with any combination.

Miu Miu is coming to steal money again! This year's woven bag of MiuMiu is not so excellent. It's not only cute in style, but also has many styles.

The same style of straw weaving, miu miu also launched these two, dark straw bag steady elegant, light straw bag clear new lovely. How to build a fresh girl by the sea.

Loewe here is a "senior player" of knitting industry. Sisters who like holiday style must not miss Loewe ~ picnic or holiday. A Loewe woven bag on the back can have a holiday feel with one click.

Whether it is made of rattan or with some elements of rattan, it seems to symbolize the coming of hot summer.

This year's Paula's lbiza2020 summer time limit series adds a free and easy attitude. The combination of illustration and woven bag creates a relaxed and pleasant summer feeling.

Large straw weaving or rattan weaving is full of casual atmosphere and holiday style. Mixing some metal or leather elements on the package surface can make the lazy atmosphere more delicate. The concave shape is not too much to put on the picture!

For those who love straw woven bags, aranaz from the Philippines must not be missed. Aranaz's design inspiration comes from the traditional crafts of the Philippines, so that each bag carries the national style of Southeast Asia, full of exotic feelings.

Don't hesitate, quick pick belongs to your knitting bag get holiday style.