When a man should help a woman to carry the bag
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The Annual Oscar is coming again,and the stars have put on their gorgeous clothes and walked on the red carpet.Among them,"Sea King "Jason  Momoa and his wife Lisa Bonet,The most cute height difference plus dirty pink lovers successfully caught everyone's attention.the most interesting things is when they took picture, the Jason Momoa help his wife to carry a small bag,with the 1.93m tall height and the wavy hair,it looks really funny.

Now there is one point are discussed by the netizens for many years,the Man should  help his wife or girlfriends carry the bag or not?some people think man carry the women's bag look like pussy and not in good taste,there is no mansculinity in doing this ,also why woman carry such more things and let other people to carry it?that is not reasonable.

but also have other people think carry the bag for woman is a gentleman manner,it is keypoint to see if they are a good man.the happiness woman should not carry the bag.

For these 2 points,we think no need to care too much other people how they say,when your wife or girlfriend they need the help,you can help them to carry the bag.that also not damage your manliness image.see below some man to carry the bag for their wife or girlfirend.

when you want to hold your wife or girlfiriend 's hand,help them carry the bag please.when your wife carry the babies or carry other heavy things,help them to carry the bag please.when they need the help,help them carry the bags.easy things and be a good man for them please.