Genuine leather bags and hardware maintenance
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Genuine leather bags and hardware maintenance

Many people will take stock of the past year's trophy bags, this time in the maintenance, if you accidentally dirty their precious bags, then how should be cleaned? The following is a study! Here is how to clean the bag for you, hope it can help you...

We often have beloved things, when it is intact not very cherished, to the moment of damage to the painful but can not recover the loss of the situation occurred. Leather bags are often pricey and delicate, and proper maintenance and care can make the life of a leather bag much longer.

Daily maintenance of genuine leather bags.

1. Avoid moisture

All leather goods should avoid moisture, because moisture is always accompanied by mold, and mold will seriously affect the leather and service life of the bag.

2. Wipe often

Leather bags in the use of the process will be stained with sweat, dust, soot and other kinds of stains, so often wipe your bag, you can keep it away from these injuries.

3. Avoid high temperature

Goldsmith's customer service in accepting customer inquiries, often listen to customers talk about the bag was wet directly after drying in the oven or placed in the sun, which is very damaging to the leather, because the high temperature will seriously damage the leather, so that its color fade, service life greatly shortened.

4. Avoid contact with chemicals and sharp objects

Many chemicals such as make-up, nail polish, etc. will erode the cortex and cause damage that is difficult to repair, while sharp objects such as knives and broken mirrors will scratch the cortex.

5. Pay attention to the direction of the scales

Some snakeskin bags, often have left the surface of the scales, these scales make the appearance of the bag more exquisite, but incorrect use and maintenance methods will make these scales buckle or fall off. Goldsmiths especially remind you that your snakeskin bag, in normal use should pay attention to the direction of the scales can not be stroked against the direction of the scales, wipe should also follow the direction of the scales.

6. Placement of cosmetics

Women should put their make-up and mirror in the make-up bag, and then put the make-up bag into the leather bag, so as to avoid damage to the leather caused by cosmetics leaking out.

7. Handling creases

Leather bags may produce wrinkles due to improper use, some less serious wrinkles can be handled by themselves, the method is: lay a clean cloth on the table that does not lose color, and then place the leather surface that produces wrinkles on the cloth, and then put a heavy object wrapped with cloth on the other side, so that the wrinkles will be relieved after a few days of pressure with a heavy object. Serious creases and deformation, it is best to send to a professional leather care institution.

8. Deal with minor wear and tear

If the leather bag has wear and tear, you can apply non-greasy colorless leather maintenance cream, let it slowly penetrate, and then use a clean soft rag to polish, can make the leather back to a bright luster, but also to prevent the leather from drying.

9. Keep the luster of the lacquer bag

The biggest feature of the patent leather bag is visually bright color, and with the use of time, the brightness will become less and less, then you can choose the polish varnish, generally once every two years is enough to maintain the luster.

10. Maintenance accessories are also very important

Daily cleaning and maintenance with mild soap solution is sufficient, should not casually use shoe polish, the effect of the leather cleaner found on the market is also very good, and contains lubricants, can maintain the softness of the leather itself. Tenacious dirt may have to deal with a mild detergent, or need professional cleaning treatment.

Maintenance of leather hardware

1. Keep it dry.

The metals used in hardware are unstable, so they are prone to oxidation and rusting in a humid environment. Therefore, the most basic requirement for hardware maintenance is to keep it dry.

2. Frequent cleaning and maintenance in summer.

Summer is hot and humid, so when you use the bag, the sweat and grease on the hardware of the bag will get dirty. If you can't clean it in time, sweat and grease will accumulate in the corners and slowly corrode the hardware, leading to hardware damage, oxidation and rust.

3. Wipe frequently.

When using and maintaining the bag, please note that often wipe the hardware with a dry cloth to effectively reduce the oxidation and aging of the hardware.

4. Cleaning of hardware parts.

When the hardware is dirty, it should be cleaned in time. Cleaning method is to add the right amount of neutral detergent in the cleaning water, and then wipe carefully with a toothbrush or cloth dipped in detergent, cleaning time must be as short as possible. After washing, put it in a cool and dry place to dry.

5. Oxidation should be dealt with in time.

oxidation should be dealt with in time to avoid the outside of the bag stained with oxides.When the hardware parts are oxidized or rusted, they must be processed in time to prevent the oxides or metal rust on the package.