2019 bag trend trend 7 popular bag with your concave foot sense
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With the advent of spring, the latest season's fashion trends dominate our new season's wardrobe, fashionistas put on new clothes, new bags to welcome the new year, a new beginning. I missed the popular style of last year's bag, and this year's bag style is no longer missed anyway.

Transparent handbag:

The transparent handbag is absolutely wonderful. From Balmain to Mary Katrantzou and Brandon Maxwell, everything is about the mix of transparent bags, whether it's a tote bag or a small buckle bag, which has attracted much attention this year. But for this trend, Xiaobian has a suggestion: Be sure to organize your items and make them look fashionable. Because if your god sees your tampons and messy items, it's not the same.

XXL tote bag

The XXL tote bag is back, this is another huge trend in spring/summer. Whether it's Rejina Pyo's neon green bag, and the self portrait and Alexa Chung's gorgeous print bag, you can add a highlight to the overall look, helping you instantly transform into a fashionista.

Crochet bag

The theme of the previous season was the basket bag, but this year we ushered in another natural trend: the crochet bag. The crochet bag is paired with a softer, more durable neutral shade of beige, sand and brown, which is very modern. Perfect tonal clothing, all show a slightly arrogant elegance (such as Jacques Isabel Maran Chanel)

Shell bag

Last summer, our jewellery was full of shells, and it was only a matter of time before they appeared on our handbags. The designs of Stella McCartney, Chanel, and Mike Coles have given us a strong interest in shell bags. It’s time to book a shell bag to go to the beach for a holiday~

Tether bag

拎 handbag is the last year, this year's fashion is to hang it around the neck. Erdem, Burberry and (Gabriela Hearst) models are all wearing exquisite styles, and with a small tether bag, not only adds a bright spot to the overall shape, but also a good choice for the street shape.

Gold bag

The gold bag is the structure of the lock lock at the opening and closing of the bag. They are basically like an oversized old coin purse with a beautiful buckle at the top, and perhaps a beautiful enamel chain. I guess it is 2019 spring and summer. One of the most popular bag elements! On Coach's show floor, the gold bag was bohemian, and collage elements and printing elements appeared frequently.

Belt pocket

As a single item launched this year by major brands, pockets are a popular category that cannot be ignored. Although it was a fashion accessory that was popular in the streets and lanes as early as the 1980s, it was gradually replaced by a large Tote bag and a Boston handbag in the era of pursuing a simple aesthetic. But this year's show pockets are conveniently matched, and there is plenty of room to accommodate the performance of everyday items, appearing on the 2019 T-show, such as Louis Vuitton (lv), Ferragamo or Fen Fendi.