Forgotten Doctor Bag
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In this era of catching up with the trend, bags no longer only belong to women, handsome is not only men, beautiful bags are carried by boys and girls are super fashionable.A very meaningful design bag - doctor's bag. Doctor's bag, literally means "doctor's bag". Also known as "Doctor Bag". The first doctor bag was designed by the bridge, also known as "bridge". The doctor's bag is its masterpiece.

The design idea of the doctor's bag comes from the war time. In order to treat the wounded quickly, the doctors on the front line of border defense will carry a bag full of medical supplies on their shoulders.

The doctor's bag contains medicine, old fashioned earphone, alcohol lamp, eye washer, scissors and other medical supplies! It is proved to be very practical by strength~

Many years ago, the doctor's bag was a symbol of career and degree. With the development of the times, many designers have created many beautiful and practical "doctor's bag"! Fashion people will use it to match.

The essence of doctor's bag lies in the opening and closing place of its mouth. As long as two fingers rub gently, the mouth of the bag will be opened easily, and many designers will work hard on the design of buckle!

More doctor's bags will not have much change in the shape of the bag, but the design of the mouth of the bag is extraordinary wonderful. The technology of the mouth gold has been followed. After the improvement of the technology and the modern design, it has become the "mouth gold bag" that we often talk about.

As the saying goes, "beauty lies in the bone, not in the skin"! A good-looking bag must also have a good-looking "bone". The bone shape of doctor's bag is perfect. No matter what kind of coat you put on, it will not affect its appearance. On the contrary, it is more optimized on the original basis.

Moreover, the appearance of the doctor's bag itself is angular and slightly stiff. Therefore, even if the overall size of the bag is reduced, it will not affect its appearance. It can be used by both men and women.

There are various sizes of doctor's bags on the market, but no matter what the size of doctor's bags, they are more able to hold than bags of the same size.

Many bags of the same size will also be designed with partitions or many small pockets inside, which can better store scattered small items.

Is it inconvenient to go out on a date with a big bag? Careful designers have also produced small and medium-sized doctor bags.

Don't look at the small size, to say what can be installed, or very worthy of looking forward to! Girls usually go out with bottles and jars; boys go out with bits and pieces; can be easily handled.Doctor's bag is different from other bags. Even if there is no stuffing, it can still be full and straight when the mouth of the bag is closed! It's like a dry face covered with collagen.

One of the biggest features of the doctor's bag is the metal buckle design of the bag mouth. From the size, material, hardware to the final design sample, it has strict research on the technology. A good doctor's bag not only depends on the leather material, but also depends on the eye pen - buckle.

Each bag will be unique in the bag strap, the doctor's bag is no exception. Portable or single shouldered or Crossbody can get perfectly, and the control of the overall style can also show different effects according to the way of back.

Retro? trend? Versatile? It's all right! If you take a doctor's bag out of the street, it's the highlight of the whole set of look.

For a short trip or business trip, it's best to choose a doctor's bag with a large bag. In addition to meeting the needs of daily necessities, it can also add a sense of fashion to you who have no time to rush for an early flight. That kind of casual spread out of the fashion atmosphere is really let people!

There is no bag that can't be carried, only people who can't match! Now "women's bags and men's back" has become a trend, and regardless of boys and girls, there is no gender difference in good-looking.

So there's no gender difference in a good-looking bag - there's not so many rules for dressing.
As Marc Jacobs said, "you should be able to change your mind at any time, as long as you like it."