The most complete! Collection of fashionable big bags!
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The most complete! Collection of fashionable big bags!

Always obsessed with the exquisiteness of small bags,

A lipstick, a pressed powder,

Carry a small bag that you want on your back,

Can date and commute.

But when this grass warbler is flying,

Always thinking of going to nature to have fun.

Walk to the park, walk to the forest,

Give yourself a different spring and summer.

at this time,

It’s better to choose a Tote,

Carry all the things you want on your back,

Just leave.

Leather Tote

For girls who need documents and computers to work, tote bags are the first choice. You can carry it on your back for commuting to class at ordinary times, and you can also put on horns on weekends and take a break in the park.

The leather tote bag will be stiffer in design, giving people a high-end feel. At the same time, when big brands choose tote bags, they are generally made of leather material, which has a more advanced feel.

It is best to choose a three-dimensional leather tote bag, such as Celine's tote bag in recent years, whether it is on vacation or at work, it is very practical.

It can hold documents and life. This is the ultimate charm of leather tote bags.

The black and white Tote is the most versatile, with a strong retro style, it also feels like you can walk away.

Or, you can choose the design of leather and canvas stitching, which is more neutral and brings out the feminine temperament.

Canvas Tote

Canvas Tote is more literary and artistic. It stands out in the gentleness and is also very academic.

Girls on vacation, like a simple white Tote bag, the casual and lazy feeling is reflected through the bag, and there is also the feeling of going away.

A more refined little fairy may like beach bags. There is an atmosphere of a rich lady, adding a touch of elegance to the simple tote bag.

The leather handle, plus the thicker leather chain, gives the square tote bag a sense of design and adds the charm of the details.

Of course, like the printed tote bags headed by Dior in recent years, they are also fashionable and refined choices. The large-capacity tote bag can even support a two-day trip, and all clothes and makeup items can be accommodated.

If you are in the suburbs of a city, such a bag on your back is also very aura. Capable and not procrastinating, it looks much sasser than carrying a large bag and a small box.

Straw Tote

Straw Tote is full of French style. It was also a style commonly used by Parisian girls at first, and it was directly called a vegetable basket.

If you want to create a French summer, the bag must be made of straw, and that feeling will be there immediately. In city life, carrying it, every time I go to a coffee shop is like going on vacation.

If you don't require too much capacity, you can also choose a small size. You can carry anything for outings, walks, afternoon tea, etc. The daily style of going out on the street is often straw-woven Tote and wrap-around skirts.

The more popular straw woven bags this year have chosen the small-sized Tote bag type, which can be carried on the shoulder or worn on the wrist.

With a simple suit and jeans, you can wear a French chic feeling. As for what's in the bag? Of course you have to hide your exclusive romantic secret.

When we carry Tote on my back, I feel more of a feeling on my back. This feeling is similar to the sassy feeling of walking on the back, and the perfection of all in on the back.

As for the material of Tote, each one has its own advantages. But the same thing is that they are actually suitable for you to go to any occasion, because this indifferent aura is the essence of Tote.